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Substack Seems Substandard, Subtracted, Sub-booted.

Earlier this month we stated that we started a Substack account and that we would be migrating over to it as a one-stop platform for all things Attlas In Formation-related. However, on closer inspection, we found the platform in lacking in the blog, podcast, and video departments. Plus, with several of our articles linked in our upcoming book, those links will immediately become broken if we migrate to another platform. A platform which, while it claims to import content from other platforms, the quality of the migration was frankly garbage. Perhaps others who only create 'content' are happy with it, but as you know, dear reader, we are not in the 'content' business. To us, quality matters. Reliability matters. Which is why we chose the platforms we did to host our videos, podcast, blog, even this website. will remail with Wordpress for the forseeable future.

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