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The Essence of Continuous Improvement


Better You ~ Your People's Best ~ Better Enterprise

There is an Analogous Ultimate Methodology to any enterprise—large or small; for-profit or not. Toyota calls it Kaizen™  (kai = change; zen = good), and made it the core value of the Lexus brand: The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection™. The rest of the world calls it continuous improvement. We call it AUM@Work. And no-one can deny the benefits of continually improving people, processes & products. 

The beauty of AUM as the underlying methodology behind all continuous improvement is this: to SEEK AUM, you need to first see it. But once someone does see it, they cannot unsee it. They begin to see AUM everywhere. And where they don't see it, that's where they know they've got work to do. 

At present, however, you have no easy way to take stock of your people to stay ahead of the relentless demand curve: a solution which gives actionable organizational intelligence on enterprises reliant on emotionally intelligent/resilient managers and employees.  We have just such a solution.

Attlas Allux teamed up with its partner YouMethod to develop a real-time personal infomatics & tracking platform which produces on-demand enterprise intelligence far superior to any collected via clumsy questionnaires, time-consuming interviews, or any other process. Designed on the principles of AUM, YouMethod activates continuous improvement in the very psyche of the people behind your organization.


HR Professionals know the most immediate need for improvement lies with people's ability to handle the growing demands placed on them by work. Emotional Intelligence & potential for Self-Realization—our ability to do our greatest work—are being overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, depression, volatile interpersonal dynamics & relationships.

Human resource challenges are exacerbated by the ever-intensifying demands for increased performance, efficiency, sustainability, innovation, expansion, growth, et al.

Today's workforce is struggling across the board.  There are, however, specific occupations, industries, organizations and institutions where statistical and anecdotal evidence show the need for AUM is greater than normal. 



You appreciate the power of IT to revolutionize how we live & work. Ironically, that revolution is not without its psychological costs, many of which are paid by tech professionals themselves. Staying ahead of the latest technology creates stress, anxiety & depression, with 50% of IT professionals reporting they know of a colleague who died by suicide, and 85% experiencing or being directly affected by mental illness.

What if there was an IT application which could help reverse this trend?  Unlike social media which appears to put greater stress on mental wellness, imagine software based on the AUM of Psychology which supported emotional intelligence & resilience?  Attlas Allux has worked closely with YouMethod to develop just such a technology platform. YouMethod is a personal infomatics & tracking solution which helps individuals monitor their mood, state, energy level, thoughts, emotions, sensations, as well as their stories, circumstances, and relationships.  It allows users to visually see themselves, discover patterns and synthesize breakthroughs in self-awareness.




Burnout, Anxiety, Depression

UBC found workplace aggression & violence, excessive workloads & lack of mental health supports lead to burnout, anxiety & depression.

Kindergarten Guide



Along with nurses, Teachers consistently rank highest for stress of any occupational group at 60% in 2017, up a staggering 15% since a 2014 Gallop poll

Replacing Tiles



MATES in Construction reports (2016 & 2017) revealed suicide rates for men in the industry is about double the rest of the male working population

Stressed Man


Job-Related Mental Health Concerns

43.5% believed their job was a key contributor to their poor mental health, according to research from leading independent job board CV-Library

Gazing Out the Window



2016 ABA report shows addiction among lawyers 2.5 to 3.5x higher than national averages; 28% experience depression; junior associates most at-risk

Dental Surgery



Suicide rate twice that of regular population & 3x higher than that of other white collar workers. #1 killer of dentists is stress-related cardiovascular disease

In spite of decades of organized solidarity and advocacy, many professions, trades and occupations still struggle with mental wellness. Time for leadership in mental health support: provide (or lobby for) Attlas Allux's affordable solutions & help your members help themselves.

Using Mobile Phones



Personal Infomatics & Group Sharing Application/Solution 

  • Track Your Mood, State, Energy

  • Record New or Recurring Stories

  • Accept & Make Peace with Circumstances

  • See Patterns & Reveal New Secrets

  • Reflect on Past & See Current Progress

  • Synthesize & Share Insights with Others

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Overly sheltered and protected; over-exposed to dehumanizing screen-time, a generation of young people now find themselves unable to cope with the realities of life.

Stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and suicide are at epic proportions in schools. And students know it's not more coddling & counselling they need, but preventative solutions.

Students want more Emotional Intelligence to help them deal with school, family, work & especially relationships. YouMethod offers the most cost-effective EI solution on the market.

Some of the realities facing your organization:
  1. The need for your services and the demands on your agency are only increasing

  2. Funding sources are shrinking or drying-up entirely, with fewer sources to tap into

  3. Remaining sources demand greater accountability on an ongoing basis

Attlas Allux offers cost-effective services which help:
  1. Justify your Agency's value by showing Stakeholder outcomes in real-time

  2. Your people cope better with pressures they face from staff to providers to volunteers

  3. Stakeholders cope better at the prospect of facing a reduction (or loss) of services



YouMethod Benefits

Positive Habit-Forming Application

Unlike many websites, YouMethod does more good the more it's used. Especially beneficial for Internet & Social-Media addicts, YouMethod offers a constant mindful distraction.

Outpatient Monitoring & Care

YouMethod's automated push technology can send reminders & interventions to users the moment they signal cravings/weakness; keeps track of detours on the road to recovery.

Form Friendships & Support Groups for Life

Visitors to your center must eventually leave physically, but YouMethod lets them stay connected to others they bonded with in a safe & private platform.

Better Client Intelligence = More Business

Tracking clients long-term in real-time reduces relapses, increase success rates while ensuring any relapses are caught ASAP. Get positive testimonials on-demand in real-time.


Benefits for

You & Your Clients

Improved Client Care & Caseload Management

Spend less time asking clients how they've been doing since their last visit while improving the quality of information shared.

Dynamic Outpatient Services 

Why limit counselling to live sessions? Use our push technology to send interventions to users as-needed based on their input.

Private & Anonymous Group Therapy

100% safe spaces 24/7/365. No trolls. No ads. Just group members sharing anonymously & consensually with each other.

Improved Outcomes & Resilience

YouMethod requires patients practice Mindfulness. Extended regular use increases Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence.

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