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Christmas Greetings 2023 and Invitation for the New Year

This year we were conspicuously quiet on our blog (, but that of course was due to the fact that we were hard at work writing our book, "What in Hell is with Us?" which is available now in paperback, hardcover, and eBook from fine booksellers. The Audiobook should be available any day now on Audible, Apple Books, and other online eBook vendors. We will be celebrating the official launch of our book on next Sunday's livestream at 2pm Eastern (the 31st of January), and you are welcome to join us as we ring in the New Year together. An opportunity to reflect on the year past, and express our hopes and intentions for the year ahead.

For our part, we will be posting to on a more-or-less regular basis in 2024, as we create content (much of it video) to help promote the book. But also as we share new articles and posts which come to us that will form the foundation of future books…just as our presently published work has as its pillars, Truths which came to us over the span of the previous decade, and found their original expression as blog posts on that very online resource. We did not name it Attlas IN FORMATION by accident. But we will be speaking more on all this on Sunday. Join us, if you can. It's in the afternoon, so we won't be interfering with your late night New Year's festivities and celebrations.

One matter which we hope you will take to heart and join us in resonating with via your thoughts and prayers for all of humanity—particularly those caught up in various armed conflicts in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and wherever in the world the vicious cycle of violence impacts their lives—is Ahimsa. May we all stand with perfect Love in action this holiday season and throughout 2024. In addition to joy, happiness, and prosperity, this is our sincerest heartfelt wish, prayer, and hope for you and for all beings, with all the strength and will of our Innermost Being. And if we cannot reasonably expect the spirit of Ahimsa to take precedence in the world out there in the coming year, at least the necessary steps to invoke the spirit of Ahimsa in your world, first and foremost in here…within the very core of your Being. Allowing that strong foundation of perfect love to guide your actions—in thought, word, and deed—you have that much mor likelihood to be an instrument and conduit of Ahimsa for the world. As one does, so shall they be. The positive upward spiral of evolution on The AUM of Life, fuelled by perfect love in action, can only lead you to one inevitability…to be; and be one with the spirit of Ahimsa.

Finally, to you and all yours you care about, we extend our warmest wishes for a very Merry Christmas. In case you missed it, we devoted yesterday's livestream to the exaltation of Christmas. Most all we could hope to give and share on this holy day we did on said livestream, which you can view below.

Again, warmest wishes and prayers to you and yours for a very Joyous Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Holy Day Season, and a peaceful, joyful, healthful, and prosperous New Year.

- Attlas Allux

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