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4 out of 5 Stars - First review for What in Hell is with Us? has given "What in Hell is with Us?" a near-perfect four-star review (read to the end to see what kept us from getting five stars).

In a review by Merits Anih posted on January first, 2024, the reviewer rightly identified one of the key takeaways from this part autobiography, part expose, all-practical guide:

"This book will help you realize that your life is not under your control, but when you give control totally to your True Self (your Divine Mother, your Innermost Being), then that is when you will truly awaken. You will also learn extensively about the teachings of Attlas and the Analogous Ultimate Methodology (AUM)."

Of our extensive use of QR codes linked to videos, articles, and images (which readers can also access via the Resources Section of our Book's Webpage), the reviewer states:

"I appreciate that the author shares links to various resources the author talked about. I occasionally visited those links to understand more about what he was trying to explain. The book also contains images, which made visualizing certain concepts discussed in the book easy for me. The author encourages readers to read further and research the various things he writes."

Regarding accessibility to the topics and themes discussed, the reviewer praises the book's approachability:

"The book is digestible and relatable in the sense that it does not discuss abstract things that you will strain your mind to understand. The author breaks this knowledge into our daily lives: the games we play, the movies we watch, philosophers, technologies, what we learned in science class, etc."

And it seems we successfully planted a seed of further SEEKing in the reviewer...

"I know I will be reading this again, and I know I will be researching more. If you are a seeker of knowledge and you know you are still looking for your true self, then this book is for you."

So why not five out five stars, you may ask? It seems my choice of editor, based on what I could afford, has come to rear its ugly head again (you get what you pay for):

"I encountered many errors while reading it, and that is the only reason I am rating it 4 out of 5 stars."


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