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Analogous Ultimate Methodology


Nature, Culture, Technology & Psychology

AUM of Immunity & Anti-Malware
From the Human Immune System to Human Psychology, AUM is 'the way' the Natural World & Human World Self-Organize and Self-Manage


For instance, the Analogous Ultimate Methodology (AUM) works in the background to maintain our immune system and anti-malware systems. And we know it to be a constant battle. However, for the AUM of Psychology to protect us, it requires foreground intervention—by us or others—as is most often 'the way' with humanity's tests, trials and ordeals.

One of the most clear examples of the human relationship to AUM is the Japanese concept of Bushido—the way of the warrior. Bushido contains wisdom from Confucianism, Shinto & Zen, and is perhaps most beautifully expressed as "life in every breath." 

Each inhalation and exhalation cycle is a living embodiment of AUM. The samurai who lived by bushido knew this intuitively, and made it their purpose in life to live according to its precepts, which tempered the violence of samurai life with wisdom, patience & serenity.

The most fundamental tenet of bushido and AUM is to be fully present, aware, and actively participating & cooperating with life. That, too, is a constant battle as it turns out, but a necessary one, as evidenced by the universal human experiences of AUM.

AUM of Psychology
AUM of Life

Universal Experience of AUM



Psychoanalysis, Narrative Therapy, CBT, Logotherapy, all other Psychotherapy



Neuroplasticity, Muscle Development & Memory, Fibonacci Sequence



Experience, Memory, Trial & Error, Teaching & Coaching



Policing, Prosecution, Incarceration, Rehabilitation



Classic Literature, Scripture, Fables, D&D + RPGs, Hero's Journey


7 Steps to Greater Emotional Intelligence, Resilience & Self-Actualization

  1. MINDFULNESS (Threat Detection) 
    Self-Observation of Three Brains & Five Centers

  2. DIAGNOSIS (Threat Identification) 
    Self-Exposition; identify psychological aggregates (egos)

  3. ANALYSIS (Threat Exposition) 
    Journaling; Meditation; Introspection; Retrospection

  4. SYNTHESIS (Defense Mobilization) 
    Comprehension; know how ego(s) harm us & others

  5. CATHARSIS (Threat Elimination) 
    Lesson learned; purpose served, harmful ego(s) eliminated

  6. LIBERATION (Threat Clean-Up) 
    We are freed from negative influence of eliminated ego(s)

  7. SELF-KNOWLEDGE (Repair + Restore) 
    Emotional Intelligence; Resilience; Self-Actualization

AUM of Psychology
AUM of Life

From the Hero's Journey to Zen, AUM underlies all mythologies, fairy tales, scriptures, spiritual traditions et al 

Ubiquitous AUM 


The Japanese word ensō essentially means "circle" or "circular form" but as it is applied in Zen Buddhism, it symbolizes far more than that.  As the embodiment of the relationship between the universe (form) and the void (mu, formlessness) enso represents absolute enlightenment.

According to John Stevens, author of Sacred Calligraphy of the East: 

"Enso can be written in the air, drawn in the dirt, or, most typically, brushed on paper. The first Zen painting was almost certainly an enso, brushed for a student who needed something concrete to contemplate, a visual expression of enlightenment." Source: Lion's Roar

From Plato's perfect circles and Jacob's Ladder to the phoenix and the birth, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ, the circular motif is ubiquitous and universal.  Joseph Campbell's exhaustive life's work studying over 6,500 cultural myths, stories, traditions, religions, etc across time throughout the whole of known human history and geography revealed a pattern he dubbed The Monomyth and The Hero's Journey, an archetypal circular motif which has been informing transformative philosophies and approaches ever since. It's not surprising that an enso adorned Joseph Campbell's book "The Hero with a Thousand Faces."

Without any doubt, the Analogous Ultimate Methodology underlies both the enso and the Hero's Journey (and by extension all 6,500+ traditions studied by Campbell).  And countless individuals  in search of genuine transformation and seeking the ultimate potential of humanity intuited the importance of working with the AUM of Psychology, recording their Self-Evident Experiential Knowledge for posterity, veiled in symbol, allegory, myth, etc. 


 Be A Hero

SEEK what stands between You & Your Best Self

Empower yourself with the Analogous Ultimate Methodology to increasing Emotional Intelligence & Resilience beginning with Self-Awareness.

With clinically proven* Self-Exposition techniques & thought/emotion/behavior tracking, be more conscious of patterns in your life and their causes & effects.

Self-Acceptance is key: find peace amidst the storm, instead of reactions; have patience for yourself, instead of judgment.

The goal is to increase your Self-Knowledge: who am I in this moment? Who is that Best Self inside that I long to be? What's standing between me and Me?

Not only can AUM help you deal with life's challenges and mental health stressors, we teach you the Analogous Ultimate Methodology for Self-Actualization.

*Mindfulness, Self-Exposition & Thought Tracking are critical to CBT, which has been clinically proven effective treatment for stress, anxiety and depression.

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