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 Human Doing or Human Being Done?


Your Self ~ Relations ~ (Re)Actions ~ Purpose

The Japanese word Ikigai derives from iki meaning life and gai meaning worth. Ikigai is essentially what makes a worthy life, or that which makes life worth living. 

Learning the essence of AUM and how to work intelligently with it throughout all the dimensions of your life will not only reveal your life's purpose, it will produce the evidence of your life's worth, and the path to realizing fully a worthy life.


Of course, in Western psychological and philosophical terms none of this should sound new or foreign. Maslow's terms for ikigai is Self-Actualization, and he had the insight to put atop his Hierarchy of Human Needs.  Still, knowing that intellectually somehow just isn't enough. We must SEEK it in our own life to really understand what it means. And what's more, we must face the many challenges and overcome the countless obstacles inside of us standing between our mundane life and our ikigai. 

That is precisely what working with the AUM of Life can help you accomplish: face the challenges, overcome the obstacles, cut through the illusions, free yourself from the countless traps and make your way to the promised land of your own best, most valuable, most worthwhile life.


There are three ways in which the obstacles to a truly worthy life—egos—affect us as individuals:

  1. Thoughts

  2. Emotions

  3. Sensations

These three correspond to our mind, heart and body, and anyone possessing even the slightest bit of self-knowledge knows the many ways our lives are 'haunted by' (for lack of a better word) each of these three areas.

From a chattering mind which never shuts up to incessant worrying to insatiable cravings, these are but three examples of how the psychological malware known as egos can infect and take control of our lives through these centers.

Get control of yourself once more with the AUM of Life.



We’ve all been there: that awkward, painful, frustrating, volatile place with our romantic partner or family member where we simply cannot seem to figure out“what’s up!? What the hell is going on in this relationship!?” The arguments. The fights. Startlingly uncontrollable outbursts to seemingly insignificant actions.


How is it these people who claim to love us know exactly how to push our buttons?  And push them they do—often. And we push theirs. How? Why? Why is it we get into the most intense conflicts with the ones we love the most? 

And what exactly is going on with passive aggression? Or escalation of an argument? Or any number of interpersonal interactions which quickly devolve in what we recognize as the downward spiral?  

SEEK self evident experiential knowledge of yourself. Get to the bottom of the nature of interpersonal dynamics simply via the AUM of Life.

Working consciously with the AUM of Psychology reveals the hidden forces manipulating us in life and...
How to eliminate those egos responsible for negative, undesirable, harmful actions & reactions including:
  1. Fear, anger, jealousy, laziness, resentment, etc.

  2. Stress, anxiety, depression, worry

  3. Addictions, obsessions, compulsions, etc.

  4. Self-sabotaging, counter-productive, destructive behavior

  5. Self-aggrandizing and alienating attitudes

  • Much, much more.

How to cooperate with our Best Inner Self responsible for positive, desirable, beneficial actions & responses including:
  1. Courage, compassion, industriousness, acceptance, etc.

  2. Relaxation, peace, happiness, calm

  3. Moderation, temperance, restraint, etc.

  4. Self-supportive, productive, constructive behavior

  5. Self-grounding and amenable attitudes

  • Much, much more.



To be or not to be, that is the question. When you look around the world you see many people doing many things in search of peace, joy, meaning and purpose, and failing miserably in their pursuit. Very few know the secret of how to be. But we are called human beings, not human doings. "So how am I supposed to get anything done!?" you ask? Simple: Be a human being done. 

It is self-evident, verifiable with experience: when you work intelligently with the AUM of Psychology to overcome the obstacles standing between you and your Inner Best Self, you're actively experiencing the best way to be, moment by moment. It is by being in that space, allowing your Inner AUM to do its work on you, with you, through you, that doors open on new possibilities for genuinely worthwhile pursuits truly worthy of your time, effort and energy.

When you begin to live in pursuit of what truly gives your life meaning, you will begin to experience a shift away from the person you currently believe yourself to be toward the Best Self you have every potential to become: the personification of AUM...a living, breathing human expression of the way, uniquely tailored to your own  individual needs, longings and idiosyncrasies—the path to your own ikigai.  Free from the mundane trappings of life and the hidden elements responsible for humanity's preoccupation with doing...something...anything to satisfy what can only be fulfilled through being.  That is what it means to SEEK SEEK self-evident experiential knowledge of your Innermost Being via the Analogous Ultimate Methodology of be your Best Self.  

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