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Dry Soil


Transhumanist AI, The Matrix of Conspiracy, Wokeness, New Age

That is precisely where this book will take you, dear reader.  The personal story of one mortal’s quest to “suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” deep within the mines of mental, emotional, and physical hell.  Unearthing self-evident experiential knowledge—what we SEEK to Truly awaken—expanding consciousness and synthesizing True Faith for the soul purpose (pun intended) to be a conduit for All Light, God Light, the Fire of fires, Light of lights, and Being of beings to reveal The AUM of Life to the world.  The Analogous Ultimate Methodology is the metaparadigm by which all phenomena come “to be or not to be.”  Including why we fall for the seductive promises of the Great A-Weakening; how we can think ourselves awake when we are still very much asleep; and, what we can do to escape our own psychological hell.   

The hard Truth gained the hard way is this: The Matrix is not out there.  If we remain trapped in our beliefs, conditioned by the machinations of rational mind, lost in the dungeons of The Great A-Weakening undermining humanity, we will remain asleep.  Not only will we never know what in hell is Truly with us, we may never know what in hell keeps us stuck there, nor what it takes to make it out of hell successfully.  That is the hard Truth gained the hard way which we, Attlas Allux, reveal here and now, dearest reader, for you and for all of suffering humanity.    

From 9/11 to Covid, the past two decades have given the world plenty of reasons to ask, “what in hell…?”  Societal decline, political division, unchecked globalism on the brink of economic collapse, scientific dogmatism, dubious medical mandates, religious fanaticism, environmental degradation and nature idolatry, social media rage, generational decline leading toward population collapse, an obesity epidemic, the mental health crises, et al.  From this tumultuous soup of human suffering, four highly vocal minority groups allege their own unique brand of enlightenment and/or salvation:

  1. Dawn of Artificial Intelligence and the promise of Transhumanism.

  2. Being red pilled and waking up from The Matrix of Conspiracy.

  3. Woke Culture Wars.

  4. Individual and mass global awakening via the New Age.


These are in fact the four mines beneath the Great A-Weakening of humanity.  How can we be certain?  By SEEKing self-evident experiential knowledge in the only place we can find the answer to “what in hell…?” Hell itself. 

What Readers Say

"I am loving every page.  Reading this book is like going to my inner altar almost, like visiting 'home' and knowing that it is going to be a wonderful experience full of a range of human emotions and realizations." - Joanne X

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Freedom from its Many Faces we Face  

Fear is believed by many to be one of the most easily identifiable of all emotions.  Compared to pride, envy, greed, etc., you may think fear is one of the most discernible, whereas even lust and gluttony may be more subtle.  In fact, fear is the most clever and insidious of all psychological aggregates.  It is not surprising we live in a world wholly possessed by fear.  And yet most are utterly unaware of that fact.  Those who are conscious of their fear seem unwilling to admit it, publicly at least.  That ends now. 

From personal experience, we know fear is the real F-word.  Fear never passes up a chance to screw with us.  We have battled a particularly powerful entity of fear which haunted us from behind many different faces.  First, as an incredibly insecure child who wet the bed well into grade school.  Then, through an equally insecure and anxious teen who binged on snacks, tv, movies, and video games.  Finally, as an anxious adult suffering from fear of family, social anxiety, depression, and epilepsy.  We have known fear to exert monumental control over us mentally, emotionally, and physically—eczema and insomnia; overeating and fetishizing; anxiety and depression; even seizures, bipolar behaviors, and near-psychotic episodes.  Ours is truly a powerful demon of fear. 

Our study of fear expands beyond the observation of self and others.  We look more closely at archetypal heroes, villains, and supporting characters, whose motivations could be traced back to fear.  The best written, directed, and performed characters allow us to empathize with them; share in their experience vicariously.  A born empath, we found ourselves feeling into all kinds of characters, and not just fictional ones.  We feel contemporary and historical figures both famous and infamous—from prince to popper and everyone in between.  We know what they were going through.  We can feel their suffering as if it were our own.  And often, the suffering we feel in them was caused by fear. 

Awareness of our own and other’s suffering on an individual basis expanded to inform our appreciation of collective beliefs, behaviors, policies, and politics.  We discovered fear at the heart of much of what we would relate to as the human condition.  Be it issues related to wellness, age, sex, gender, culture, class, race, nation, religion, or the planet, fear is at their heart.  The collective plight of humanity at this point in its history is dominated by this one single facet of human psychology.  That scholars and experts appear unaware of this simple Truth can be attributed to fear’s many faces. 

What Readers Say

"Fantastic book - worth rereading many times over. This provides well needed insight into the path."

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What Readers Say

“AUM helped me in my own journey and transformation so much.”

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Part One

SEE the World in a New Light

Like the Titanic, civilization is sailing through dangerous waters these days. Some want to stay the course, putting their faith in the ship human ingenuity built. Others blame progress, desiring a return to ancient beliefs and traditions. The Attlas Project Volume One – See the World in a New Light offers a vision of a new world on the horizon and the maps to get us there. It sheds light on where we are and how we got here—highlighting why so-called crises are really opportunities for human progress—and what minor course corrections should be made to avoid the dangers lurking in the darkness. Step one is to “SEE” (Strategize, Engage, Execute) problems in a simple yet highly effective way—the Attlas Process. Step two is to apply the Attlas Process to crises/opportunities in economics, democracy, and culture. Step three is to see the big picture: a global vessel capable of harnessing the winds of change, storms included, and making it to the new world that awaits all humankind.

What Readers Say

"...The problem and/or solution have not been presented to us in a universal method. The Attlas Project by Attila Lewis Lendvai provides that method..."
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