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Attlas Allux / Attlas in Formation Struck Down on Facebook

10 years of work building a social media following lost to the aether.

You may have heard that despite having 2-factor authentication installed, our Facebook account was recently hacked and permanently disabled by Facebook. As a result, we lost access to some 4000+ friends of Attlas Allux and 9.9K followers of Attlas in Formation (a page under our Attlas Allux account).

While many third-parties surfaced almost immediately offering to "recover" our account for us for a fee, our research into these indicate that they are most likely scammers. None were able to proffer sufficient evidence of their legitimacy.

We have set up a new presence on Facebook as Attlas Allux (a new page we created under our personal account), but we may be less active on Facebook, at least for the time being. From now on, we will likely put more effort/emphasis into our website, blog, YouTube channel, etc. And certainly, we hope we will be spending more time speaking online and in person promoting our upcoming and future books as well.

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