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The Secret to Overcoming Trauma

Conquer the Causes of Trauma by Deconstructing, Demystifying & “Un-demonizing” the word “Trauma” itself.

We hear it all the time: traumatic events, traumatic childhood, PTSD…the world has never seemed so wrought with trauma. It seems to be all around us, lurking around every corner, affecting people we know (or us; making us suffer), and generations of parents and developmental psychologists have done everything in their power to protect children from being traumatized. But what if trauma has received a bad wrap? What if it is misunderstood. Not the pain of trauma, but the actual causes of that pain? And what if there was a bright side to trauma? As painful and difficult as it can be, what if there was some good we could get out of it, instead of just pain and suffering?

The fact is, trauma plays an important role in the psychological healing process. Wait, what? You read that right: psychological healing process.

Learn more about the AUM of Psychology and how to overcome trauma at our upcoming retreat:

Like everything in life, the AUM of Life cannot merely be understood intellectually. If you think reading this article is all you need to start healing yourself of the pain and suffering triggered by some traumatic event(s) in your life, you will be sorely disappointed. There is much more to working with your own inner AUM, not least how it can give you a whole new perspective on all the circumstances of your life—yes, including whatever traumas you may have endured…

Help us help you begin practising the AUM of Psychology in a safe and beautiful setting. Learn to work with the flow of AUM in your life and allow yourself to comprehend why that traumatic event actually serves you in your own personal hero’s journey.

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