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E-Book Now Available on Amazon Kindle Store

After many months of writing, editing, and navigating the idiosyncracies of publishing, "What in Hell is with Us?" is finally available for purchase in E-Book format on Amazon.

The paperback, hardcover, and audiobook are still in the publishing pipeline, and we expect them to be available in time for the official book launch which will happen in early 2024.

At that time, we will also be taking orders for a limited number of signed copies via our website.

If you have no interest in a physical copy, want to read it over the holidays, or just cannot wait to get your hands on it, the ebook is available on Amazon or in the Kindle store now for USD 8.99 or CAD 9.99.

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on leaving us a positive review, please be sure you read to the end of the book first. Amazon tracks page turns in Kindle in a bid to crackdown on fake reviews and/or bulk-purchased reviews. You may feel the inclination to leave a positive review for us to help book Amazon rankings and book sales, but rest assured your good intentions may backfire. And besides, we would rather you leave a more in-depth honest review based on your experience of reading the book. The official launch is a ways off yet. Take your time. This is not a book for speed-reading.

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