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The Human Condition SOLVED! Meaning of Life: SEEK AUM (Video)

If you have ever wanted a simple yet comprehensive explanation for the state of humanity and its true potential, this video is it. With analogies that anyone, anywhere, young or old, rich or poor, can relate to and understand.

Why is it so hard to get anywhere in life? What makes it so easy to fall? Is there a secret to knowing our purpose for being? How can we balance our purpose while juggling all that life throws at us? Speaking of, how do we overcome the many challenges we face individually and collectively? Are we missing something? Could it be we’re failing as human beings? That the human condition as we actually experience it, is a pale shadow of what it should be? What if humanity is short a wheel? If so, is there a way to get it re-connected, aligned, and balanced? Thus getting civilization back on track? Or, are we destined to keep bumping up against the glass ceiling of the rational mind’s inability to make sense of reality? Will we remain hypnotized by blind self-interest and ignorant of our metamind? Or will we SEEK Self-Evident Experiential Knowledge of the KEES which support and empower Individuals SEEKing the Analogous Ultimate Methodology (AUM)? In other words, will we SEEK to reconnect with and faithfully serve the metamind of Being, receiving the gifts waiting just off shore for us to bring into port and share with the earth.

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We recognize it has been far too long since our last post. However, we must always follow the guidance of our Innermost Being, our own Innermost ‘Cyclist’…His direction and drive put into action. Now that the above video is done (which was as much for our sake as it was others), we have the foundation stone on which to proceed with books and other endeavors which we will be sharing as they become available (i.e. draft chapters and the like). So we hope that you will find your patience and understanding was worth it. Stay tuned.

Inferential Peace.

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