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SJWs & the Ultimate No-Win Scenario

What can Thanos, Gandhi, Derrida and The Underminer teach us about SJWs, passive aggression, mechanical nature and the ultimate no-win scenario?

In science fiction and fantasy—as in mythology—we often encounter the archetype of the uber-villain, the invincible monster, the doomsday weapon, the unstoppable force, the immovable object, you name it. Most recently we can look to Part One in the two-part film The Avengers: Infinity War, and the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet wielded by the single-minded, seemingly unbeatable antagonist, Thanos (at least, seemingly unbeatable so long as he wears the gauntlet).

Part of what makes Thanos so dangerous and menacing is precisely that he isn’t some moustache-twirling villain. He believes what he is doing is in the service of the universe. And, let’s face it, rather than raising an army, conquering and creating an empire, or gathering some coalition of the willing to back him in his psychotic plan, he sort of sneaks around behind the scenes (or has his cronies/lackeys do it for him), stealing the gauntlet, gathering the infinity stones, betraying allies and loved ones alike, vanquishing the odd superhero along the way, all in pursuit of one singular overwhelming purpose: self-righteousness.

Thanos doesn’t just believe he is right. He believes with the whole of his being that he is in the right; that is, that history, nature, balance, the very universe itself is on his side. He believes he holds the moral, ethical and philosophical high-ground. And what is most frightening is that the belief he single-mindedly pursues, all other considerations be damned, was born out of his direct experience. In revealing his origin-story and childhood trauma (wherein his home planet was destroyed due to overpopulation and exhaustion of all its natural resources), we are given an opportunity to pause and empathise with the uber-villain. Does the phrase there but for the grace of God go I ring a bell?

Who are we to judge Thanos? Psychotic, sure. Traumatized, clearly. But would we have come to any different conclusion were we to have walked a mile in his shoes? Seriously: consider you had witnessed the destruction of your planet under the same circumstances and foresaw a way you could circumvent and prevent such destruction throughout the known universe? Think of all the suffering you could prevent! Of course, you’d have to rationalize away the fact that your ‘altruistic solution’ involves mass genocide on a cosmic scale, but if you’ve read some of our other articles or watched our YouTube video on “The Hard Truth About Belief,” (and especially if you’ve observed yourself) you’ll know how subtle, clever and hypnotic the ego-mind can be in this regard.

And this is exactly the force of power behind Thanos’s single-minded resolve: he cannot deny his experience. He believes he knows what fate awaits everyone based on his experience. He would spare them the trauma he endured. His traumatized ego has woven this elaborate story/strategy around his experience, exploiting both his suffering and compassion. Beliefs which are woven around fundamental qualities of consciousness and hold at their core fundamental truths which cannot be denied are the most dangerous and hardest to escape. They fuel the most robust cognitive dissonance. And (SPOILER ALERT!) the most toxic relationships and destructive outcomes.

The name Thanos most closely resembles Thanatos, the Greek god of death. 

Even in the comics, Thanos is obsessed with death, destroying the universe, but harbours a self-defeating victim mentality, of not even being worthy of death or his task.

It is both fitting and ironic that ‘SJW Marvel’ would have chosen the universe’s most powerful victim as the lead villain of the climax to its Avengers Trilogy. The comic book publisher which has been criticized by long-time fans as of late for becoming a little too politically correct for its own good, has gone and shown us their hand. And if you haven’t started piecing it together yet, rest assured by the end of this admittedly lengthy analysis, you will clearly see the connection between Thanos, the social justice warrior movement, passive aggression, the winning strategy / no-win scenario they all share, and what it all means for you, dear reader and seeker.

The Gauntlet, the Clenched Fist of Strength and the Hand of God

Where symbolism is concerned, this seems straightforward enough. The downtrodden, the traumatized, the victim feels first and foremost powerless. How many characters throughout history (let alone people) have shook their fist at the heavens in defiance of the fates and proclaimed the equivalent of, “Oh Father! Why have you forsaken me!?”

And yet, it is often precisely in such moments of defeat, of forlorn weakness, on the verge of utter oblivion—that surely we have all experienced to one degree or another—that we find it within ourselves to kneel down, and pick up the proverbial gauntlet which was cast down at our feet (the medieval sign of accepting a knight’s errand, most often the challenge of a rival knight). And we pick up that gauntlet and strangely feel renewed strength, a strange second-wind expressing through our willpower. No plan, no resources, no clear way forward…just this inner knowing that this is not the end but in fact a new beginning…the beginning of a new enterprise, a new quest, a new adventure…a ‘mission impossible’ which we choose to accept…The Hero’s Journey.

And we, whether we realize it or not, are now that gauntlet on the hand of God. Whatever it was which made us momentarily feel downtrodden, defeated, victimized, forsaken—perfectly understandable and acceptable, even Jesus experienced such a moment—happened for a reason: for us to kneel down in humility, pick up that gauntlet, and rise to the challenge.

Godfrey of Ibelin: Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath. [cuffs Balian with the back of his hand] And that’s so you remember it. Hospitaller: Arise a knight and Baron of Ibelin.” – Kingdom of Heaven Source:

Thanos certainly feels this way. Many have felt this way. But when Jesus, the classical knights of legend and the great heroes of myth accepted the challenge God gave them, they abandoned all thought of victimhood, surrendered to ‘their fate’ (the Will of their Innermost Being; the Will of ‘God their Father’), and in doing so became God’s agent in the world to do some great work of Light, Love and Liberation. Driven by the unseen, unheard hand of God, they applied great willpower in the face of “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”…to be…literally becoming the gauntlet on God’s right hand, where we get the expression to be God’s right hand, just as The Christ, the Son of God sits on his right hand. We accept our place: to be the vessel who suffers and sacrifices to do God’s work in the world. This is the authentic hero’s journey. This is the only way to be “in the right”…by being on the right…The gauntlet on the right hand of our Innermost God.

But Thanos, as we know, only feels he is a hero. He only believes he is walking the path of an authentic hero. He has convinced himself he is acting in the best interests of The Universe (which we can use as a stand-in for God’s creation and all God’s children). But Thanos is supposed to be the villain, right? Wrong. There is absolutely no doubt that Thanos is the star and the focus of Infinity War…it is Thanos’s story. This makes him much more than just a villain…especially given that he sees himself as the hero.

The Infinity Gauntlet, the Raised Fist of Power and the Left-Hand Path

What makes a tragic hero? Better expressed, what makes a hero tragic? Exactly one moment. A choice. A slip on a banana peel. A FALL. In all of literary history and mythology, this is the universal constant in tragic heroes…they are flawed. Something inside them causes them not only to fall but sets them on a path of destruction and suffering.

From Oedipus to King Lear to Faust and every character in between, tragic heroes captivate us precisely because they are not cartoonish villains. They are, for all intents and purposes, real. Regardless of the story, setting or period, we can relate to the tragic hero on some level.  The challenges and temptations they encounter are identifiable and familiar, and their tragic flaw is universal. They are archetypal characters, universal at their core, but expressed according to the idiosyncrasies of the people and culture in which they appear in literature, theatre, opera, mythology, scripture, et al.

The ‘great figure’ (the character with great potential, with many strengths, qualities, and abilities) is thwarted and doomed to a precipitous fall into hell. Why? Because in the face of a great trial, set forth for them by the fates, they choose not to accept the challenge and become the Right Hand of God—follow the Will of their Innermost Being, their True Self—instead they choose to shake their fist at the fates, at God Himself in defiance. The tragic hero chooses himself and his desires, his ambitions, his way, ‘his truth,’ over the Will of His Innermost Being—the way, the Truth.

And while the tragic hero might do this out of spite, what we also find is that the hero often sits on the fence—like Macbeth. Macbeth struggles with the decision. It’s only because of the temptations of the ‘Three Witches’ and the goading and ridicule of Lady Macbeth that he actually goes through with the murder of King Duncan. But here we must take note: the Three Sisters / Witches are “the three traitors” which feature throughout literature, mythology and scripture—symbolizing the three brains and five centers of the human machine: the mind, the heart and the body (mental, emotional, and motor-instinctive-sexual centers). As for Lady Macbeth, she represents the fallen feminine aspect of the psyche—same as Eve in Genesis, or the mythical Whore of Babylon. These figures are not meant to be understood literally as women. We all have masculine and feminine energetic channels within us, whether we are men or women. And it is simply metaphysical fact that in our humanity it is the feminine channel which is fallen. Our egos tempt us primarily through this polarity in our psyche—through any number of our three brains and five centers.

This is also the origin of the expression “hell hath no fury as woman scorned.” Just observe a mother bear protecting her young. The expression of the power of the Divine Feminine through the mechanical, primal feminine is without compare. The feminine embodies both the preservation instinct and the relentless drive to procreate. The preservation instinct is triggered when we feel threatened; when we see others whom we identify with being threatened; and when we take the fate of others into our own hands.

The preservation instinct is precisely what motivates Thanos. And through his “fist of power” (the Infinity Gauntlet) he literally unleashes not the fury of hell—because hell hath no fury like it—but rather the power of the Divine Feminine—the five elements—expressed not as the Right Hand of God, but rather down the Left-Hand Path, the primal path of self-preservation.

The Infinity Gauntlet requires five stones to become fully empowered. Each stone represents one of the five elements (fire, water, earth, air, ether), bound together by a sixth stone called “the soul gem.” Of course, the actual elements of reality are too mundane for the hyperbolic universe of comic books, so we get mind, reality, power, space and time in place of them. Anyone wielding the power of the Divine Feminine not according to the path as the Right Hand of God, wields the most destructive / creative force in the universe along the Left-Hand Path. The Divine Mother has the power to create and to destroy. The Divine Feminine is literally the power of life and death—the sexual force.

The symbolism here is the number 6 and the fact that the elements and soul are under the command of the wearer of the Infinity Gauntlet…in this case Thanos. The five elements are the body and power of The Divine Mother, and the soul represents the human soul…adding up to 6. Without the intervention of the upper trinity of the Tree of Life which is the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, and UNION of Divine Masculine and Feminine (the Son, the Right Hand of God), you don’t have a 9 (9 is one less than a perfect 10; one step from being God). A true hero is a 9-9-9, an upright human being in each of his three brains: mind, heart and body. But without the upper trinity, 9 becomes 6. Instead of pointing up, the 9 is inverted, pointing down. The body and power of the Divine Mother is in the hand of the human soul, but a lunar soul, without divine solar oversight. The 9 falls into a 6, and the hero becomes tragic, a 6-6-6, an inverted intellectual animal in each of his three brains. 666 is the number of the BEAST, our individual Satan. And to follow Satan, is to follow the Left-Hand Path.

The Need for Redemption/Revelation

All tragic heroes are given some shot at redemption or revelation before they die. Since they are all archetypal and allegorical, they are the personification of some tragic flaw, so from the perspective of esotericism and revolutionary psychology, before any defect or vice can die, it must first be consciously comprehended. This is the nature of Plato’s famous concept of catharsis. The notion that somehow the audience can, by living vicariously through this personification of some ego (pride, ambition, greed, victimhood, et al), purge themselves of said vice, particularly at the moment when the hero “sees the light” (achieves conscious comprehension of their tragic flaw). Esoterically, it is following comprehension that our Divine Mother can eliminate any comprehended ego. This is known as psychological death and is symbolized by the subsequent death of the character. It is cathartic and redemptive, because through the death of one psychological aggregate, the consciousness which was trapped within said aggregate is released, restored, redeemed.

Will Thanos see the Light and the error of his ways? Will Part 2 of The Avengers: Infinity War end with Thanos’s death following said revelation/redemption? We’ll have to wait and see. So Thanos’s status as a tragic hero is provisional, dependent on how they close out the trilogy. And if he doesn’t wake-up in part two, doesn’t regret his descent into hell, doesn’t ask for forgiveness and doesn’t comprehend his tragic flaw? He will cease to be a genuine tragic hero, and will fulfill his role as villain…a character with little or no real story arch…an aborted hero’s journey. Not even a tragic hero’s journey.

As for Thanos’s tragic flaw, it can only come down to one thing: pathological narcissism. Vanity. Pride. Too much self-love. So much, in fact, that he cannot get over himself and his own suffering. This creates a god-complex within him and he projects his trauma onto the entire universe, and then rationalizes his mission to protect said universe from his pain. That is the key…it’s not the universe’s suffering he cares about, it is his suffering, projected, magnified and intensified infinitely.

Thanos is a victim. And rather than letting go of his victim mentality as a hero would, he clings to it, fosters it, projects it on a megalomaniacal scale unheard of in classic literature (since you didn’t need to literally destroy half the universe to explore drama on a universal scale, you could tell the tale of the macrocosm through the microcosm—but again, we’re delving into the over-the-top world of comic books here) and takes matters into his own hands, quite literally playing God by wielding the power of the Divine Mother, as a hurt child or scorned woman might. A spiteful, destructive path completely rationalized if ultimately utterly irrational. A downward spiral into hell upheld by the perpetrator lost in vanity, self-importance, pathological narcissism and self-righteousness.

The SJW Connection

By now, dear reader, our in-depth exploration of Thanos as a potential tragic hero, a self-righteous pathological narcissist and perpetual victim projecting his suffering onto the universe at large, desiring to wield the destructive/creative power of the Divine Feminine to “play God,” even as he sees himself as a genuine righteous hero, should be ringing bells where contemporary social justice warrior culture is concerned.

The social justice warrior thrives on victimhood. Like Thanos, they have internalized some perceived wrong they have suffered at the hand of some (or the) power-authority (i.e. white heterosexual male patriarchy) which may or may not include any number of religions, and which takes the place of ‘the fates’ and/or ‘God’ (seen as the ‘angry old white guy with a beard’). Next, they project their victimhood onto the whole tribe, or onto some other related, suitably underprivileged and perceived victimized political group—identified usually by gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. Then they make it their place to not just protest but to begin dismantling whatever power structures they feel are in place responsible for the injustice to ’empower’ the identified victim group. Without any thought whatsoever to the consequences of their actions, the SJWs have the single-mindedness to ‘play God’ by wielding the destructive/creative force of the Divine Mother to tear down the old and remake their world (the whole universe in the case of SJW Star Wars, SJW Marvel, and many other social-justice appropriated mythical universes) according to their own utopian vision.

And unfortunately for the rest of us, theirs is a winning strategy. Like Thanos, they are absolutely resolute and hell-bent on destruction (the more sophisticated among them would probably use words like dismantling and deconstruction, but we’ll get into the post-modernist angle a little later). They, like Thanos, represent an unstoppable force. A no-win scenario. But at the end of the day, you can’t win ’em all…or can you? More on that later.

Passive Aggression

The no-win scenario is real. And for evidence of this fact, one need only encounter an individual (like an SJW) who operates using the ‘winning strategy’ of passive aggression.

There has been tons written online about passive aggression and much of it is lukewarm at best. Here we wish to unearth the true breadth and scope of this insidious modus operandi of self-righteous narcissistic victimhood, including the esoteric (unseen, unheard) implications, from energy to karma to the Kali Yuga and the inevitable fate of humanity. And to do so let us leave the almost-but-not-quite-yet-tragic-hero Thanos for a moment, dear reader, and in his place turn to a real historical figure who is not only universally lauded the world over as a hero, but is considered by many to be a veritable saint of the 20th Century…the figure whom followers and his inner circle reverently referred to as Bapu, the Mahatma…the ‘father of nonviolence.’

Gandhi—Hero? Tragic Hero? Saint?

Here, dear reader, we recognize we are about to tread into dangerous—let alone contentious—waters. To even ask the question of such a universally popular and highly regarded figure as Mohandas Gandhi is tantamount to a kind of modern-day heresy. If you bear with us, dear reader, we here will reveal publicly what no one else has—to the best of our knowledge at least—about the most highly regarded and celebrated little man in the loin cloth from Calcutta who took down the British Empire. Let us consider the facts.

First of all, let us distinguish between the exoteric and the esoteric levels of “nonviolence.”

“Strictly speaking, satyagraha is not “nonviolence.” It is a means, a method. The word we translate as “nonviolence” is a Sanskrit word central in Buddhism as well: ahimsa, the complete absence of violence in word and even thought as well as action. This sounds negative, just as “nonviolence” sounds passive. But like the English word “flawless,” ahimsa denotes perfection. Ahimsa is unconditional love; satyagraha is love in action. Gandhi’s message” ― Eknath EaswaranGandhi the Man: How One Man Changed Himself to Change the World

So right away there is a fundamental disconnect / misunderstanding at play. What the world calls nonviolence—thanks to Gandhi—is not nonviolence at all. It means perfect love in action. Can perfect love ever be violent!?

Several scenarios come to mind. The Shaolin Monks devotion and dedication to the development and mastery of self through Kung-Fu. Kung-Fu is likewise not a mere martial art. It is a method, and like it’s Japanese cousin Karate (meaning “empty hand”), that method is at its core non-lethal martial action. Held dogmatically, nonviolence will tell you to stand your ground and allow your assailant to land their blow. Should it be a fatal blow, that assailant is transformed into a killer—possibly even a murderer. What karma do you suppose awaits them, for their crime? On the other hand, a well-trained martial artist might block the killer blow; moreover, they may successfully subdue and disarm their assailant. A master of the art will do so without any malice, hatred, or inflicting lasting physical harm (that is, without any real violence). The master has just saved an assailant from becoming a killer. Sure, the assailant’s pride may be hurt. But in that moment of humiliation, subdued and disarmed, the master has an opportunity to instruct and guide his would-be killer. And certainly, has earned the respect and possibly even gratitude of the assailant, who may now be utterly awake to the facts: that the once unarmed master, now holding his weapon, could easily enact vengeance. Who did the assailant a greater service of love? Remember, what matters to the Great Law of Karma is the end result.

Now, as counterpoint, let us turn to that famous teaching of Jesus:

You have heard that it was said, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But I tell you not to resist an evildoer. On the contrary, whoever slaps you on the right cheek, turn the other to him as well. – Matthew 5:38-39

This seems to contradict the actions of our Kung-Fu master and seems to legitimize the dogmatic practitioner of nonviolence. If, that is, it weren’t for the many other quotes in the bible which clarify the point being made:

Proverbs 20:22 Say not thou, I will recompense evil; but wait on the Lord, and he shall save thee.

Of course, we know that there is no Lord outside of us to wait on to save us. Our Lord is our Innermost Being…our True Self. Whatever action our intuition tells us to take is the right one.

1 Thessalonians 5:15 Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else.
1 Peter 3:8-10 Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous: Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing. For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile.
Romans 12:17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone.

So here we are being told not to react, with ego. ‘Evil’ is that action directed at us by and from ego. So to not return evil for evil means not to react with ego to ego.

Romans 12:19 Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

The word vengeance is of course contentious, but in the bible the word does not mean revenge—that is, with anger and maliceas is commonly believed. It means precisely what the next phrase states: to repay. This is a clear reference to karma. We must pay what we owe. The Great Law will take care of wrongdoers. In the face of wrongdoers, it’s not up to us to pay them back in kind.

Luke 6:27 But I say to you who are listening: Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you.
Luke 6:35 Instead, love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them, expecting nothing in return. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind even to ungrateful and evil people.
Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you. Quotes Source:

Thus, dear reader, whereas there is one literal quote about turning the other cheek when slapped (which is hardly a life-threatening attack), there are many more about not reacting with ego, putting our response in the hands of our Innermost, responding with love, and not paying ego back with ego. The clarification and implication is quite simple: when slapped, it is practically a reflex to slap back. Primal. Animal. Egoic. If you’ve ever been slapped you know this to be true. In other words, to turn the other cheek is not a literal endorsement of dogmatic adherence to nonviolence. When we use our conscious imagination, it is simply an instruction to resist the urge to slap back…not to return blow for blow…not to react to ego with ego (in other words, echoing the other biblical quotes). It just so happens that meditating on turn the other cheek, yields visceral, relatable, universal experiential knowledge of what to do and what not to do (slap back). Turn the other cheek is NOT to be interpreted or theorized. It is visceral, real, actionable. It is meant to be comprehended. To not slap back when slapped IS love in action because we are NOT reacting to ego with ego. To turn the other cheek takes courage, restraint, patience, and HUMILITY…to “brave the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” It is an opportunity to be versus not be. This is the whole Truth of the teaching: Be Love in action.

Now, we begin to see the essence of nonviolence…love in action. True nonviolence means non-ego-action. Acting for the sake of the other and all beings. Any responsible parent knows that love in action means the wise application of severity and mercy in equal measure; to do what’s best for the children. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Are we saying it’s right to beat children? Of course not. But at the same time, to avoid the application of severity when it’s called for out of squeamishness, self-righteousness, or some dogmatic misunderstanding and misinterpretation of nonviolence, is to leave a full 50% of Love’s true nature on the cutting room floor! That is not true love, that is base sentimentality, cloaked in self-righteousness (“I am too sensitive, I am too empathetic, I am too kind, I am too compassionate, I…I…I…”).

And to be fair, the nonviolence Gandhi spoke of, for the most part, seemed to be inline with being love in action—thoughts, words and deeds—at least in principle. But of course, ideas and philosophies held in the mind are often quite detached from their implementation and consequences in the real world. This is precisely the case with Gandhi’s application of nonviolence.

In Sir Richard Attenborough’s biopic film, Gandhi, he is quoted as saying to the American journalist Walker:

The function of a civil resister is to provoke response. And we will continue to provoke until they respond, or they change the law. They are not in control – we are. That is the strength of civil resistance. – Gandhi Source:

Now, we were unable to find any source for this quote (did Gandhi actually say this, or was it the invention of screenwriter John Briley?) But we do know that in action, India’s nonviolent civil disobedience movement indeed proved it was truly in control. In control of what? Why, The British, of course!

So let us put aside our emotions, beliefs, theories, and ideas about Gandhi, and look at the historical facts objectively. The occupying British, in control of India were confronted by a nonviolent civil disobedience movement which sought to—and succeeded—in controlling the British in India (until they left).

Now, it may just be us, dear reader, but that sounds a lot more like an eye for an eye than it does turn the other cheek. One thing is certain: the British did not leave because Gandhi’s nonviolent civil resistance brought them to enlightenment. It brought the British Empire to its knees (in India, at least). These are the cold, hard, facts.

So the little man in the loin cloth from Calcutta brought the British Empire to its knees without resorting to violence, did he? Yes, in his heart-mind he did just that. But his nonviolent movement did not. All the anger, resentment, animosity, victim mentality, all were proverbially swept under the rug where they festered and produced a toxic radiation—resentment, negative energy, pent up over decades—in the pressure cooker of the subconscious from which it fueled a supposed nonviolent revolution. Let us not be naïve. Was India’s movement truly for the sake of appealing to the better nature of the British, as Gandhi believed and intended? Or did a nation repress and secretly harness all those negative emotions for the sake of a winning strategy…a PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE strategy. And the proof? The proof can be found in what happened to India immediately after it won independence from Britain.

Gandhi’s Tragedy

When the British left India, humiliated, their authority made impotent, tail between their legs, they didn’t leave behind a power vacuum…on the contrary, they left behind an empowered, victorious, emboldened population consisting primarily of two religious/ethnic groups: a Hindu majority and a Muslim minority.

Their passive aggressive strategy had worked to defeat and win freedom from the British, but when that adversary had been defeated, the two groups naturally turned their attention to one other, specifically the Muslim oppressed minority toward the oppressive Hindu majority. But two passive aggressive sides cannot really get anywhere in terms of stealing power away from the other—it becomes a stalemate, a Cold War. So what was the answer/outcome in post-colonial India? Violence. Brutal, unabashed, primal, even savage. Women and children among the dead. It broke Gandhi’s heart to see the triumph of nonviolence explode in anger and collapse into brutal violence and primal tribalism before his very eyes.

To his credit, Gandhi spoke out vehemently against the violence, but he didn’t stop there. He went on hunger strike, essentially threatening the country with his own slow, agonizing death. Now on the surface this seems like sacrifice and suffering for the sake of others, right? But look more closely: here again, Gandhi is passively threatening the nation he just helped liberate with the guilt and shame of making them responsible for his death. He is deliberately making himself into a victim, knowing that the psychological burden will be too great to bear for his followers. It is coercion by another name. Gandhi knew the sway he held over his people…they worshiped him by this point. And he saw himself as the Mahatma…a great soul. He believed in his own holiness and spirituality. Yet, confronted by the consequences of his teachings and actions—a country on the verge of civil war—he slipped back into the winning strategy of passive aggression.

A hunger strike is that: far from appealing to the better natures of his people, he provoked the response he desired by threatening them with guilt and shame; just as his nonviolent civil resistance provoked the desired response from the British, with the added injury of provoking tremendous frustration and resentment in them…not Love. Love in action has no attachment to outcomes. Love never coerces; never threatens. Love is not clever, crafty, insidious, underhanded, calculated…Love is honest, true, and fair…and STRONG, even FIERCE if need be. Love is not about winning at any cost or turning the tables on our opponents in a clever, coercive, underhanded way. Those sound more like the tactics of an unscrupulous lawyer trying to win a high-profile case, or a politician playing politics to achieve victory for his party. And let’s face facts: Gandhi was a trained and practiced lawyer.

Eventually, India split and created the majority Hindu India and majority Muslim Pakistan we know today. And, as we know, Gandhi was seen with a great deal of resentment amongst a fanatical religious minority who plotted and succeeded in carrying out his very public assassination.

It may be surprising to hear, dear reader, that Gandhi languishes in limbo. You can travel to the Astral Plane and investigate the truth of this for yourself. For all his piety, spirituality, apparent wisdom, and countless followers, even the world’s admiration, he failed to develop the solar bodies (the human soul) and achieve liberation from his own egos. He was a fairly unimportant lawyer who rose to great heights, seen by many as a great hero indeed, but fell due to his own hubris and vanity…yes, like Thanos. Ultimately narcissistic, Gandhi used the threat of his suffering and death to coerce his own people into compliance with his nonviolent philosophy. These are not the actions of a great Master or Prophet. They are the actions of an ego-mind trying to play God.

Compare, just for one moment dear reader, Joan of Arc and her campaign of liberation. A woman who publicly testified from a young age that “God spoke to her.” Compare the two lives, Joan of Arc and Gandhi, their two campaigns, and comprehend how one followed the Voice of her Innermost Being; the other the voice of his own cleverness and belief in his own holiness. Gandhi languishes in limbo. Joan of Arc is a Resurrected Master. At first denounced by the Catholic Church, it eventually capitulated and canonized her as a saint in the 20th Century. The evidence of her miracles and triumphs in life and death could not be ignored. And yet, isn’t it interesting, dear reader, that the feminist SJWs of today turn not to one of their own, Joan of Arc, a true female hero in the esoteric sense, as their inspiration and model to emulate. Rather, they turn to a little lawyer in a loin cloth from Calcutta. Maybe it’s because when we pick up the gauntlet and become the Right-hand of God we are called to commit to genuine suffering and sacrifice for humanity, requiring great COURAGE with NO GUARANTEE we will succeed in any worldly outcome…only that we will fulfill the Will of God for the sake of others. On the other hand, for those with nothing but worldly outcomes on their mind, how can they resist a winning strategy—to wield the power of God over others?

– VS –

The Little Lawyer in a Loin Cloth from Calcutta sets the Precedent

Apart from winning home rule for India (and its subsequent breakup into separate Hindu and Muslim countries) Gandhi’s legacy was to simultaneously define, politicize and legitimize the winning strategy of passive aggressive victimhood on the world stage.

Righteous struggle is heroic: an overt, direct confrontation drawing on inner strength and self-sacrifice for the greater good—guided by The Light of Christ, The Logos. Self-righteous struggle is antiheroic: an egoic power play for base self-interest and/or tribalism and/or some projected concept of universal justice. When Gandhi applied a passive aggressive strategy to his country’s heroic struggle for liberty, it immediately shifted to a self-righteous anti-heroic power play. But in his mind, it remained heroic. And with his lawyer’s mind, charisma and command of language he was able to convince himself, others and the world of India’s heroic struggle with high-and-mighty ideals, spiritual platitudes, and idealised outcomes. But fundamentally it was an exercise in identity politics, politicizing a national victim mentality, guilting and shaming one’s opponents into submission, and wrapping it all in a media-savvy charismatic leadership style replete with an inner circle able to leverage a sentimental and sympathetic global media which ate it up.

Gandhi’s winning strategy was employed by the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, Nelson Mandela’s struggle against Apartheid in South Africa, and most recently, #MeToo and all SJW movements and complaints. Just as the Civil Rights Movement did little to curb racism in the United States, the violence against whites in South Africa by the ruling Blacks is unprecedented in that country, and the long-term consequences of #MeToo are beginning to surface. It’s clear that the winning strategy of passive aggression is only about one thing: gaining power and control; and not just for one’s own tribe, but at the expense of others. SJWs may believe in their minds that they are fighting the good fight for the greater good—as Gandhi did—but in truth they are 100% laser-focused on gaining power for their own self-interest. Like Gandhi and his followers in practice. Like Thanos.

Civil Resistance…Resistance is Futile

This is where our tale takes a dark turn. The fact is, there is nothing we can do to stop the relentless pursuit of power by SJWs. Once someone commits themselves to the victim mentality and sees an opportunity to gain power for what they believe is the greater good—which actually masks their own self-interest—there is nothing that we can say or do to dissuade them from their course of action.

Why not? If you have ever even tried having a civil discussion with someone with the passive aggressive victim modus operandi, you know no matter what you say or do, it will be thrown back in your face as an overt assault, oppression, misogyny, racism, homophobia, et al. Even if you try to say something apologetic, be conciliatory, hold out an olive branch, seek common ground, meet them halfway, apply levity, or make any number of open, honest and earnest attempts at resolving the issue, they will find a way to paint themselves as the victim, and you as the villain. Period.

Put another way—and we speak from extensive experience in this regard—even if you speak the Words of your Innermost Being and act according to the Will of Your Father, in the name of Love, the SJW and passive aggressive victim, will turn it all back on you and paint you as the villain and themselves as your victim.

You must understand, dear reader, that the SJWs cannot give you so much as an inch; they cannot afford to humanize you…they cannot risk seeing you in any other light as oppressor/villain. Or, if they do appear to make a concession (and they often do this), it’s only because they are building your hopes up, reeling you closer, setting you up for an even bigger smack-down accusation. They will say or do something which appears to be an overt, earnest and honest attempt at finding common ground. And we, longing for resolution will too often fall for it. We accept the apparent olive branch their holding out for us and will try to meet them under their flag of truce they appeared to have planted on the field of battle. Naively, we will approach them and attempt to engage them in civil discourse under their terms…only to be ambushed and slaughtered for our trouble. It’s psychological and political entrapment.

The converse tactic also works for them: inciting us to lose our temper, wearing down our patience and resilience until there’s no patience left in the tank and little willpower with which to hold back our own egos…then they can truly point the finger at us and shame and guilt us into submission. Many a woman has driven a man to violence, and had him thrown him in prison for his weakness and gullibility, taking him to the cleaners in the process. Many a man has provoked violence in women, too, but no such protections and privileges exist under the law for men as they do for women.

It’s psycho-social-political espionage, propaganda and terrorism, dressed up as righteousness and heroism. Yet truly it is without virtue. There is no honor, valor, dignity, humility, and certainly no love in it. In fact, it embraces the absolute worst aspects of overt self-righteous acts of aggression seeking power over and control of others out of blatant self-interest and makes them covert.

Let’s go back to the point we previously made about a passive aggressive individual not being able to give their perceived oppressor/enemy an inch, out of fear they may momentarily become human in their eyes and not monsters. The psychopath operates on this paradigm; so does the torturer, the perpetrator of genocide; the rapist—and rape is not about sex, it’s about power and control. Nazi propaganda dehumanized Jews for years prior to WWII. U.S. military training dehumanizes “America’s enemies.” It’s easier to kill a villain or a terrorist than it is a human. What’s different about SJWs is that they apply the same psychopathic tendencies to the victim mentality and identity politics. Suddenly, anyone who is not a member of a legitimate victim group is automatically a villain. The downtrodden become the powerful, and they, like Gandhi, use coercive tactics like guilt and shaming to control their dehumanized adversaries…psychological rape. As an aside, contrary to what the French postmodernists would have you believe, words do have power and meaning. Psychopath means “diseased soul.”

Thanos, who is clearly psychopathic, sees the universe this simply: half. Even-Steven. These aren’t beings he is arbitrarily destroying through genocide on an intergalactic scale, they are statistics. It’s a matter of numbers (pun intended). It’s not about spirit. It is cold, calculated, pre-school level pre-math logic. A child splitting a twinkie…“half for you, half for me.” The justice of a two-year old…the SJW’s idea of equality…and the twisted justice of vengeance and seeking retribution, satisfaction, as a pompous aristocrat from the erroneously named enlightenment who feels insulted and declares, slapping his perceived wrongdoer across the face with his glove… “Monsieur, I DEMAND SATISFACTION!” Dear reader, allow our previous discussion of gauntlets and turning the other cheek seep back into your consciousness and comprehend how all the connections are coming together.

In synthesis, SJWs are in every sense of the word following “an eye for an eye.” The fact that they do so according to their interpretation of nonviolence is moot. The end result is the same: the dehumanization of the “other tribe” for the sake of power and control over them, in the name of self-righteous self-interest, dressed up in some propagandized, idealized, rationalized cause. They demand satisfaction.

They can’t meet their perceived oppressors on the battlefield with honor and win the fight for equality, liberty, et al with valor, courage, and love for their enemy, for the sake of the greater good. No. They will do whatever it takes to gain power and control for themselves and all those they identify with in solidarity as fellow victims, and they will dehumanize, dismantle, deconstruct and utterly destroy their perceived oppressors’ power structure.

The Real Différance

We said we would get around to the deconstruction of all established norms, existing power dynamics, authorities, hierarchies, etc. At the risk of opening up the pandora’s box which is postmodernism, we’d begin by pointing out that personalities like Jordan Peterson and others tend to focus on Michel Foucault, and his disdain for what he saw as power hierarchies of oppressor / oppressed. That’s all fine and good for Peterson and others who seem terrified at the prospect of death on a civilization-wide scale. This, despite priding themselves on being well-educated, well-read and well-thought-out in a sort of neo-classical sense. They know their history better than most and by and large claim they know what they’ve studied all means. That said, they don’t seem able to recognize that no hierarchies, structures, empires or even civilizations last—especially corrupt ones like those governing this humanity, especially at this time.

We know the real problem with postmodernism and the responsibility for the present SJW catastrophe lays not with Foucault’s assault on hierarchies and power structures, but squarely at the feet of Jacques Derrida’s assault on Truth itself. Derrida was the one who popularized the notion of deconstruction, the idea that all truth was contained within language. And, that all meaning in language was a function of différance a clever pun in French meaning both to differ and to defer. The shorthand is this: words derive their meaning because they are different from every other word, but that meaning can only be expressed with more words, so all words’ meanings are deferred to all other words. Thus, all meaning is by definition subjective, since meaning exists in language, and the meanings of words are entirely reliant on other words. This means (pun intended) that there can be no such thing as objective fact, Truth, etc. Ergo, all knowledge is subjective.

Artwork/Image/Source: WPAP of Jacques Derrida by duniaonme

The French thinkers of the postmodernist movement failed to recognize what they were actually doing was explaining the nature of subjective (intellectual) knowledge only—in new, clever and erroneous ways! The subjective nature of book knowledge was known throughout the ancient world, and following the LETTER of The Law was recognized for what it was: hypnosis and ignorance. Their antithesis—as we have described so often in our work—is gnosis: experiential knowledge, the SPIRIT of The Law. Experiential knowledge doesn’t exist in language and is not bound by intellectual, social, political, cultural, religious or ultimately even physical restraints. Gnosis in and of itself is immune to the theories and rhetorical devices of the postmodernists. It is the objective Truth we can experience by and through subjective expressions of it.  Rumi cannot perfectly describe love in words, but we can experience love through his Words.  This is best illustrated in music and nature. Who can put into words how a baby makes them feel?  Yet who can deny those feelings, nor that they KNOW the nature of that experience, despite having “no words.” But being completely ignorant of gnosis, the postmodernists set out to make sure their “discoveries” would revolutionize how the world thought about knowledge, language, dominance hierarchies and ultimately all of human experience.

Sadly, postmodernism decreed, in all its ignorance and arrogance, as absolute objective fact (expressed in language no less) that all knowledge is subjective (except, of course, the objective fact that all knowledge is subjective). This irony seemed utterly lost on them, and the arrogance and ignorance behind their hypocrisy is the foundation upon which SJWs stand, who in one breath declare that all opinions are equally valid since all knowledge is subjective, and in the next breath proclaim their particular political ideology, moral stance and worldview superior to all others because theirs deconstructs long-established oppressive authorities, institutions, hierarchies, traditions claiming to be caretakers of the Truth, etc. Essentially, anyone claiming to be in possession of Truth is oppressive and victimizing all others with alternative versions of the truth. And the SJWs are here to tear it all down…show that the Emperor has no clothes…deconstruct all the oppressive language-based “fake news” and replace it with their own inclusive, empowering “alternative facts” (a couple little allusions to Donald Trump thrown in there just for kicks).

So SJWs’ postmodernist deconstruction agenda actually does one better than our oh-so-psychotic, destructive and genocidal Thanos. SJWs exhibit a modus operandi that debuted in computer animated archetypal form back in 2004, in a cameo appearance at the end of Pixar’s The Incredibles. With one line of spoken dialogue, his character managed to epitomize the essence of the winning postmodernist passive aggressive victimhood strategy, foretelling the SJW future of Disney, Incredibles 2, and indeed, the fate awaiting all of human civilization…

“Behold! The Underminer!”

“I am always beneath you, but nothing is beneath me!” – The Underminer, The Incredibles

Like Thanos, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and #MeToo, SJWs wield the power of the Divine Feminine…the power to create and destroy. In the past, throughout the history of humanity, these so-called victim groups—women, for example, according to feministswere mostly content expressing the Divine Feminine as it relates to creation. They by and large supported, tolerated, at times humored and often endured the ego’s twisted and corrupted expressions of the Divine Masculine’s designs and directives for creation through the Divine Feminine, civilization and even empire-building—via science, politics, economics, art, architecture, religion, literature, philosophy, and yes, even conquest. Now, these same “victim groups” are resolutely allied with the ego itself, wielding the destructive power of the Divine Feminine, out of egoic self-interest to empower themselves, the so-called downtrodden and disenfranchised, to legitimize and vindicate victimhood itself. They see themselves as the historically undermined, and now they are here to undermine. They are always beneath us, even now—they must be, in order to perpetuate their winning victimhood strategy—but absolutely nothing is beneath them…they are the unwitting agents of The Black Lodge, the ego, empowered during the Kali Yuga for one purpose alone.

What this single piece of dialogue describes completely is the true nature of mechanical nature, in its most insidious, devastating, powerful and universal form…natural death…and on a planetary scale? The Kali Yuga—the natural death of a humanity.

The Original SJW—The Grim Reaper

Meditate on it, dear seeker, for eventually the bell will toll for thee. The Law of Entropy cannot be subverted or avoided on this plane of reality. Death comes for us all. And like its lieutenants, illness, chronic disease, old age, dementia, et al, the slow insidious march toward the end is relentless; unstoppable. Mechanical nature is single-minded and focused on one inevitability from the moment any creature reaches the height of its maturity and physical prowess…to slowly begin undermining their life; to slowly begin killing them. This is an undeniable universal fact of life. There are very precious few exceptions in nature; and even those rare creatures that appear to live forever (like the aloe plant or the cicada beetle) must ultimately succumb to the cycle of life, decay, death, and rebirth. It is only a matter of time.

On the upward arch of the circle of life, mechanical nature tends to support the struggle for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The physical body endures terrible abuse at the whims of its occupant through childhood and adulthood—all manner of hardship from broken bones to intoxicated livers to stressed out, overworked nervous systems. But Mother Nature doth not protest too much. The body is a marvelous machine of tremendous endurance and healing capability which—if we are honest with ourselves—are not even aware of most of the time and take for granted nearly all of the time. Our body by and large supports, tolerates, at times humors and often endures both the pure actions based on our Innermost’s Divine Will for us, as well as our impure ones, based on our egos’ twisted and corrupted expressions of His Will and our egos’ outright self-interest which we mistake as our own—desire: cravings and aversion.

But mechanical nature is patient. In a morbid way, our body will have its vengeance, literally. One way or another, the consequences of our actions and our impact on mechanical nature will come back to haunt us. Mother Nature takes back what’s Hers…and our body and personality are just that. It is as true for the individual as it is for an entire humanity. And even if someone takes perfect care of their body—and there are many who obsess over doing just that, taking care of themselves is their religion—they cannot avoid the inevitable toll of aging and death. Slowly, methodically, without warning or fanfare, the insidious undermining forces of decay embark on their relentless march toward the inevitable. Theirs is a winning passive aggressive strategy. No one can defeat death. Unless, that is, we die before we die…die psychologically.

The Hard Truth & the Ultimate No-Win Scenario

“A wise man once told me that death smiles at us all…all we can do is smile back.” – Maximus, Gladiator

This is where our exploration of these topics reaches its climax. In an elaborate twist worthy of The Usual Suspects, we reveal that it’s all necessary. It’s all par for the course for a humanity in The Kali Yuga, this relentless march of the SJW movement. There’s nothing we can do about it. There’s no stopping it. And, if we are completely honest with ourselves, much of what the SJWs say is founded in Truth. The dominance hierarchies in society globally are utterly corrupt. This humanity’s identification with the false self and erroneous belief in subjective knowledge deserves to be deconstructed and revolted against. The middle class is vanishing. The ultra-rich and powerful are becoming moreso each day. There is legitimate cause for concern for individual members of certain ethnic, gender, racial, religious and other minorities. The SJWs are right: much of what doesn’t serve everyone needs to go.

As for mass migrations and the kind of forced multiculturalism we are seeing in the West, including North America, there is a very practical dynamic at work which we cannot fully get into in the present discussion. Suffice it to say, the mass migration of people from suffering countries to the West and North America especially is essential for the mixing of DNA for the sake of the NEXT humanity on this planet (the seeds for which will be selected from the offspring of mixed-race couples). As with any species, too much racial homogeneity leads to genetic disease. For more information in the following post on our Facebook page.

What the SJWs don’t realize is that any new order they plan on setting up in place of the old is going to be much worse. Like Thanos’s universal genocide solution or the near-civil war and breakup of India post home-rule, the SJW-fueled neo-communist revolution in the West will be utterly catastrophic (the proof of its imminent arrival will have to wait for another time, as this article is already much longer than what most readers bargained for). But make no mistake, it’s coming…the slow decay of death. It is the Law of Entropy. It is “the sound of inevitability,” (Agent Smith, The Matrix) and many vocal opponents of the SJW movement including Jordan Peterson would do well to accept their own mortality and the mortality of all civilizations—including our own global one. It is the Kali Yuga after all, and death of this humanity is imminent—all its structures, old and new—are going to come to an end. It is only a question of when.

But make no mistake, dear reader, in the Kali Yuga, the Black Lodge governs…and the Black Lodge *is* ego. That means most all of the power-struggles at play are not by those acting with heroic strength as gauntlets on God’s Right Hand, they are seeking the Infinity Gauntlet for their own ends, to wield the power of God on their own Left Hand (Path). Mechanical nature is gearing up for the destruction of this humanity. The ego works for mechanical nature. It is only natural, then, that the ego would concoct Gandhi’s winning strategy, postmodernism, the SJW movement, all in a bid to start dismantling all semblances or remnants of any knowledge and/or authoritative truth that this humanity ever built.

Very soon, this trend is eventually going to make being a Gnostic extremely difficult. Gnosis will once again have to go underground and hide in the shadows as heresy (the SJWs will have it branded offensive, triggering, and various forms of hate speech). Again, because to SJWs, any person or group claiming authority of Truth or to be in possession of objective knowledge will be seen as failing to “tow the party line (made up of a coalition of victim’s groups), enemies of the state, proponents of hate speech,et al; and that’s a problem. For in Truth, the only hope humanity has to be triumphant against Death is to awaken and Self-realize. And such triumph must happen within each individual by virtue of their own struggles, efforts, sacrifices and indeed, suffering. There is no mass awakening. No one can awaken anyone else. No awakening takes place automatically just because. To any SJW New Agers who may happen to still be reading this, NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO AWAKEN.

We cannot save that which the SJWs will successfully undermine and destroy. We cannot stop death. Allying with mechanical nature will do us no good. But we can save our souls, if we recognize the two natures of nature.

The key, then, is to ally with Divine Nature. The awakening of the consciousness and Self-realization of the Being are an absolute True objective (pun intended) which is not subject either to the Laws of Entropy, mechanical nature, or physical Death. It is that which we must grasp onto, cultivate, bring into this world through our actions—thoughts, words and deeds. In a word, we must truly be Love in action.  Not just as a set of beliefs in our minds, as Gandhi, for we have shown how beliefs often produce the opposite of love in action, despite their best intentions. That is because beliefs are, as the postmodernists claim, subjective. Subjective causes very rarely have objective effects. Egos’ actions rarely produce effects which can be categorized as love in action. Only genuine Love—objective knowledge, true Gnosis—can produce Love in action, and only if we follow directly what the Buddha taught…

“You must test my words.” – Buddha Shakyamuni

And we will test them, because we will be tested. Each and every moment of every day of our lives. And the whole of this humanity is being tested. That is the very purpose of death and the Kali Yuga: to get us to observe ourselves, remember our Selves, meditate on our trials and tribulations and ask: have I done enough? Am I doing the right thing? Am I the gauntlet on God’s right hand, or am I wielding its power on the left-hand path? Am I Love in action? Or, am I disconnected from my Inner Source of Love? (Have I lost the Name of Action?)

Here, dear reader, we begin to truly see the significance of the last line of Shakespeare’s most famous soliloquy, Hamlet’s To be or not to be. To “lose the name of action,” is to lose love itself. It is to fall…to not be…and to fall into the grasp of corporeal death, having failed to achieve liberation from the cycle of birth, death and suffering.

On that note, we will leave you with our video on that very speech, for truly—especially in the Kali Yuga—we face “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” and the living breathing Word of God within us will be tested as never before. And, dear reader, we know not how long articles, explanations and teachings such as these will be permissible and freely available online (or anywhere). Do not procrastinate; none of us know how long we have left. None of us know when death will come knocking on our door. Before it does, will we be the right hand of God? Will we choose the path of psychological death and embrace the Name of Action? Only you can answer THE QUESTION, dear reader…

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