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NOWCAST: The Storm is Not on its Way…The Storm is Already Here

Far be it from us to be the harbingers of bad news, but as purveyors of Truth, we have been known to ruffle more than a few feathers in our time. Today will be no different. For just as sure as the sun rises, peaks at noon and sets each day, all civilizations have their rise, heyday, DECLINE and fall. Welcome to the Fall of New Rome. Welcome to THIS humanity’s Kali Yuga.

2020 Was only the Beginning…

We have seen and heard much this year in the way of foretelling the immanent collapse of civilization, the economy, the monetary and economic system, the patriarchy, Hollywood, New York and California, civil liberties and free speech, even the sovereign rights of individuals and children over their own bodies—indeed, an end to all which this suffering humanity holds dear.

The term which is actively making the rounds online and even in the mainstream media is “THE GREAT RESET.”

We have also seen and heard countless expressions of fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, indignation, suspicion, accusation, and outright condemnation on all sides of the political spectrum. We may have even added our own voice to the cries of outrage and may even now stand firm in our position of righteousness. It is natural to feel that way when first confronted by the forces of chaos and destruction as they begin to gather strength hovering above our town, our neighbourhoods, our properties, our culture, our way of life, our core beliefs and even our liberties. Natural for all that is animal within us, that is. Natural for the FEAR which has gripped the entire planet and the whole of this suffering and sleeping humanity.

It may feel like a scathing indictment, dear reader, to have it put forth so bluntly. But even the most hardened of self-righteous observers will concede that Covidiocy is just the latest in hard evidence revealing just how utterly enslaved humanity is to its demons; namely, the demon of fear. Anyone who argues how useful and necessary the self-preservation instinct is, should now concede how utterly detrimental it can be, and what we are willing to concede if not destroy in order to placate our fear of illness and death (from a real medical condition with real symptoms and complications for those with pre-existing conditions, albeit blamed on an imaginary virus; and, an illness whose mortality rate and pattern is perhaps slightly greater than that of the seasonal flu we have known up ’til now).

Even if we do not count ourselves among the brainwashed Covidiots, the whole Covidiocy operation has likely had the secondary effect of firing up the conspiratorial elements within us, and anger along with them. At the heart of those conspiratorial waves of anger lies a deep undercurrent of fear. We explained how fear leads to anger in our dissertation exposing the many faces of fear, Face your Fear’s many Faces, and how very often fear underlies our anger. Our anger is most often triggered by some undesirable outcome or threat of an undesirable outcome. Fear is behind the desire to control outcomes, and thus we fear undesirable outcomes: outcomes beyond our ability to control and/or the people in control of outcomes which we deem undesirable. This is not rocket-science, and honestly should come as no surprise to us. The point we are making is simple: there is plenty of fear to go around in 2020, and not just for the mask-wearing, hand-sanitizing, social-distancing Covidiots, no. The chest-beating outraged “truthers” making a lot of noise online about the secretive cabal behind the Covid phenomenon, the mainstream media, and the imminent collapse of the global economy and all they hold dear are equally gripped by fear thanks to Covid (“The Great Reset”). The only difference is truthers wear their anger to mask their fear of Covid instead of wearing a physical mask.

Be it gripped by fear or possessed by anger, we can have no genuine peace while enslaved by our egos. Fear is suffering. Anger is suffering. Peace arises when we cease to suffer, when we liberate ourselves from the causes of our suffering—in this case fear and anger. This is just a fact. There can be no authentic peace, no true liberation while we are in the grips of fear and anger; nor can fear and anger lead to authentic peace and genuine liberation. Just as the desire for comfort and security (fear) cannot lead to genuine and lasting comfort and security (for the moment that supposed state of peace is even remotely disturbed, suffering at the hands of fear which desired it in the first place returns with a vengeance), so too the desire for freedom from oppression fuelled by anger cannot lead to genuine freedom (for the foundation for that supposed state of liberty will be anger, and any threat to that liberty, real or imagined, will be reacted to automatically with anger and suffering). Thus, relying on ego for anything is a path to SLAVERY to the very egos we are relying on.


There is a reason why Faust, and many other characters from myth and great literature, “sell their soul to the devil.”  Egos do not provide ANYTHING to us without a price: and that price is the enslavement of our consciousness and the consumption of our precious creative life-force (the sexual force, our vital energy).  Combined, these two currencies represent the medium and the fuel for spiritual experience…to know our Selves and Higher Worlds. Learn more in the free online course, Fuel for Spiritual Experience.

Do you know what else is a fact, dear reader? The ‘new normal,’ is an expression which relates to far more than the Covidiocy. Social distancing, mask-wearing, self-isolation, voluntary quarantining, “lockdowns” including shops and services closures, and some form of coercion to ensure mass vaccinations are only the beginning. These represent just the first series of superficial, visible markers that times are changing for the worse, and that everything this suffering humanity holds dear hangs in the balance—everything.

The “New Normal” is no “Hoax”

The fact that the initial use of ‘new normal’ describes the fallout from an entirely manmade crisis, relating to an equally manmade psyop, is incidental. We do not use the word ‘hoax’ to describe the Covidiocy, because the word hoax suggests everything about Covid is made up, but this is not so. There are genuine flu-like symptoms/illnesses on the rise. The causes of which are not any so-called ‘virus,’ however, nor are said illnesses remotely contagious. They are caused by environmental toxicity, including the increasing saturation of electromagnetic fields and microwave radiation from 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, those so-called ‘life-saving ventilators’ which purport to help patients breathe but whose electromagnetic fields interfere with oxygen transport in the blood and mitochondrial metabolism (essentially suffocating patients at the cellular level). There are countless news stories revealing the dangers and lethality of ventilators, although we have not seen a single mainstream media outlet discussing the actual root cause of the danger to patients.

Study: Most N.Y. COVID Patients on Ventilators Died By Robert Preidt HealthDay Reporter
WEDNESDAY, April 22, 2020 (HealthDay News) — The largest analysis of hospitalized U.S. COVID-19 patients to date finds that most did not survive after being placed on a mechanical ventilator.
The study included the health records of 5,700 COVID-19 patients hospitalized between March 1 and April 4 at facilities overseen by Northwell Health, New York State’s largest health system.
Among the 2,634 patients for whom outcomes were known, the overall death rate was 21%, but it rose to 88% for those who received mechanical ventilation, the Northwell Health COVID-19 Research Consortium reported.
The new findings “provide a crucial early insight into the front-line response to the COVID-19 outbreak in New York,” Dr. Kevin Tracey, president and CEO of the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, said in a Northwell Health news release.
The findings also add fuel to the notion that ventilators may sometimes do more harm than good for patients battling for life with severe COVID-19.
Mechanical ventilators work by pushing air into the lungs of critically ill patients who can no longer breathe well on their own. These patients must be sedated and have a tube stuck into their throat.
Recognizing that complications from ventilator use can occur, some intensive care units (ICUs) have started to delay putting a COVID-19 patient on a ventilator until the last possible moment, when it is truly a life-or-death decision, said Dr. Udit Chaddha, an interventional pulmonologist with Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Source: WebMD

Such environmental radiation is only exacerbated by the increasingly high levels of mercury, aluminum and other metals in our water, food supply, the environment and ultimately our bodies. Ever put metal in a microwave oven? Now what happens when you increase the amount of metal in humans and then shower them with increasing amounts, frequencies, power, and intensity of radiation? This is not the focus of today’s discussion, however, so we will simply recommend picking up a copy of “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenberg.

‘The New Normal’ as it relates to entropy, humanity, and The AUM of Life

Breakdown, collapse, deconstruction, dismantling, whatever you want to call it, is already here. And yes, it begins at the hand of man. How so, and why? Because the entities which constitute The Black Lodge (egos, demons, sins, nafs, psychological aggregates…they are known by many names…but better identified through self-observation of their many types: fear, anger, greed, gluttony, laziness, envy, lust, et al), work for mechanical nature, who is all too often confused and conflated with Divine Nature. This is because both are Divine Mother Nature, whose nature is the duality of both life and death, and all opposites. The tension between which constitutes “The Kingdom” of Malkuth on The Tree of Life where the drama of life and death plays out (Assiah, the World of Action); also: evolution and devolution, being and not-being—“the question.

Everything in nature is born, matures, has its prime, then begins to age, decay, and eventually dies. No exceptions. This is just what nature does. It is completely normal for colonies to collapse, for ecosystems to breakdown and die out, for entire continents to be swallowed up by the ocean. Sure, from our point of view, calamitous events on such an enormous scale are rare, but that is because we observe them through a highly subjective lens attuned to an extremely narrow timescale. On the level of the megalocosmos, for instance, the death of stars and planets is akin to the death of members of our extended family / community. Still infrequent, but not exactly ‘rare.’ Common, in fact. Common and inevitable. Completely ‘normal.’

The ‘new normal’ is not new. It is normal, period. Civilizations have collapsed since the dawn of time; and global civilizations—entire humanities—are not immune to the inevitability of degeneration and death. That is simply the way of things. It is completely normal. Moreover, it is to be expected. A corrupt humanity appropriating the concept of change and deeming it as ‘new,’ is simply acting upon the agents of mechanical nature fulfilling their divinely ordained purpose. During the Iron Age of a humanity, The Black Lodge rules precisely because they are the agents of negative chaos (as opposed to positive chaos which we see in the countless expressions of growth and self-organization in nature i.e. Fibonacci sequence, fractals, et al).

Positive chaos is the organizational manas or Divine Mind (masculine force) uniting with negative chaos of oppositional being (feminine force) in the balanced unification/tension of creation as expressed in the yin and yang of the Tao, for instance [. In positive chaos, the feminine or negating entity absorbs the masculine affirming entity, transmuting both masculine and feminine entities into a new, third entity—the zygote—a singular new entity embodying both masculine and feminine aspects, which begins to divide until it becomes a blastocyst, and further divides and differentiates until it eventually becomes the fetus, and then a born human being. The sperm is killed by the ovum the instant the ovum is fertilized, and the ovum begins devouring itself as well the moment it is fertilized. Both sperm and ovum effectively die, sacrificing themselves so that the fetus can be born. The destructive act is a creative act. From the destruction of two cells, a third one is born, with characteristics of both its parents, and with the potential embodied in their sacrifice. What is true on the cellular level is true on the human level, planetary level, through all the cosmos.

  1. Absolute – Protocosmos (1 Laws)

  2. All the worlds from all of the clusters of Galaxies – Ayocosmos (3 Laws)

  3. A Galaxy or group of Suns – Macrocosmos (6 Laws)

  4. The Sun, Solar System – Deuterocosmos (12 Laws)

  5. The Earth, or any of the planets – Mesocosmos (24 Laws)

  6. The Philosophical Earth, Human Being – Microcosmos (48 Laws)

  7. The Abyss, Hell – Tritocosmos (96 Laws)

Read: The Seven Cosmoses by Samael Aun Weor Source:

The Law of Three applies throughout creation, and the Three Factors of birth, death and sacrifice apply on all levels as well. Since it cannot persist forever, procreation is the process by which existing life perpetuates itself before it falls into decay and death. Sacrifice is the way. All life gives itself, first in the harmonic balancing of ecosystems, next in the procreative act, and finally in the act of death and decomposition, when Mother Nature takes back what is Hers. And all this takes place in the fiery crucible of negative chaos—the Divine Feminine Force—severity, from the standpoint of Divine Love. FYI, dear reader, Love is severity and mercy in equal measure applied unconditionally with infinite wisdom.

It is the feminine force which facilitates destruction and death just as it is the feminine force which nurtures birth and growth. Without destruction and death (transmutation of old into new) birth could not take place, as we have already seen. The fires of Divine Mother Devi Kundalini Shaki are precisely the Christic Fires embodied, crystalized, and attuned in opposition to masculine manas—divine mind—which needs a space, food, resolve, the primordial culture in which to be. It also needs the DRIVE to be: a purpose, a way…a path. The negating Force is The Law of Entropy…it is constantly breaking down and breaking apart to the fullest extent of its capabilities to result in the most complete dissolution possible given its particular level of power—be it a sugar cube dissolving in water or a granite obelisk disintegrating in the elements. It is only a question of time before all that remains of the sugar cube is sugar water and all that remains of the granite obelisk is dust in the wind. The divine feminine fire is RELENTLESS on this front.

Just as relentless, however, is the fire within Manas—Divine Mind—which seeks SYNTHESIS, the antithesis of entropy.  We hope it goes without saying that by manas—Divine Mind—you do not imagine we are referring to the monkey mind of man.  No, we are referring to that force which descends from the Ayocosmos as the Essence, the spark, the seed, the Atom Nous of the superior heart centre, located in the left ventricle of the heart.  Our Innermost Atman; our Divine Being, our True Self and its Divine Masculine aspect.  You see, in us, it is undeveloped.  But it has a drive, a relentless fire within to Self-Realize, “to be born again of the waters and the spirit.”  What spirit and what waters?  The Holy Spirit (divine masculine) and The primordial waters of Divine Mother Devi Kundalini Shakti (divine feminine).  This is where the duality of masculine and feminine begin to break down and the dialectic mind becomes too dull an instrument to understand what we are relaying.  The yin and yang symbol helps because in it we see each element of duality has the other element embedded within it.  Thus, there is never any purely masculine or purely feminine.  There is a continuum of one and the other and both either in union or in or disjointed integration (visualize the difference between yogurt with whole fruit in it versus a blended yogurt-fruit smoothie).

Fruit and Yogurt vs Blended Yogurt-Fruit Smoothie

The manas must express itself. It is nothing, an Essence, a seed, a spark, descended from the World of Aziluth (the World of Archetypes), which is the 7th dimension (the first dimension of manifestation where the unformed essences of all form exist in their unmanifest state of pure potentiality—The Ayocosmos). But it cannot do so without having a medium to express itself through. In the purest sense, that medium is consciousness. But conscious awareness of the Essence is to be overwrought with the longing to express and to Self-Realize…the will to be. How? Via a vehicle; a vessel…The Monad: Innermost Essence, the consciousness, and the will (Atmic, Buddhic, Causal bodies), that is, the Macrocosmos. The Monad is the vehicle which can traverse the galaxy and the infinitude. However, its core is still only an Essence, a spark, a seed. In other words, The Monad, like an archetype, is only a blueprint; an outline, a design, an Infinite Being in potentiality, only. It is an unborn Being, just as a spermatozoa is undoubtedly alive, relentlessly driven, containing the DNA blueprint for a fully functioning human being, but utterly and purely a vessel of potential…a seed. And what does the sperm long for more than anything? To unite with the ovum: to die as a sperm and be reborn a zygote…the first cell of a human being.

The ovum waits. Like a spider at the center of a web, a Venus fly trap, the pistil of a flower, or even a teapot filled with boiling water awaiting a teabag…to receive that which it will dissolve; and through that process of destruction, will transform itself wholly into something new; it will use the whole of itself in the process of destruction in order to fulfill its divinely ordained nature of unmaking what is, so as to make itself into something new, in accordance with the essence it just consumed and absorbed. This is the Alchemical process and the Tantra of creation on all levels. The spider and Venus flytrap, like all things, “are what they eat.” The pistil of the flower receives the pollen from a stamen and dies, becoming a fruit or nut with the seed(s) of a future plant inside. The pot of water becomes tea upon absorbing the essence from the teabag. This is the fundamental nature of the feminine force; the Akasha, the primordial space of creation into which all manas is dissolved, all matter synthesized and created accordingly, into which all created matter eventually dissolves and dies, and from which all procreation takes place. The word manifest derives from the synthesis of mana into and through Akasha into matter (manas + festus (Latin), which is identical to the second part of infest; also relates to manus (Latin) meaning hand, as in “the hand of God”) be it mental forms (thoughts), emotional forms (emotions), energetic forms (frequencies) and geometric forms (physical matter). The word “man” is related to manifest: Divine Mind made flesh. Of course, this is the exact same meaning as human: hume, earth + manas, Divine Mind. Either way, “man” is the Divine Masculine Mind which infests the hume, earth, matter, the body of the Divine Feminine, and the result is all the forms of creation on all the levels of manifested reality. Therefore “man” is the microcosmos.

However, the observant will take note that on The Tree of Life, the microcosmos, and therefore human beings, are in the middle of the tree, precisely focused on the 6th Sephiroth which is Tipereth, the Causal Body. We can generally describe the Atmic Body (Innermost Being) as masculine and the Buddhic Body (consciousness, Divine Soul) as feminine, and their union in the Tipereth, the Causal Body as both masculine and feminine, The Human Soul. These three constitute the Monad, or Divine Vessel of Being. A true Human Being, therefore, is first and foremost a SOUL. But it is as of yet only an Essence; it remains in potentiality, and MOSTLY masculine.

The process of manifestation—indeed, information—is accomplished by duality: the fires and waters of the Divine Feminine. The Christic Force, the Divine Androgen, is the Fire of fire and the Light of lights, but it descends as Fire and Light; it must separate into masculine and feminine at every level of manifest reality—first metaphysical then physical—each time reconstituting itself as a tri-unity of masculine, feminine and union of masculine and feminine in accordance with the Law of Three.

It is important to note then, that for the sake of brevity and simplicity, we will be oversimplifying matters for the sake of the present discission. It is never entirely correct to say the Essence is purely masculine, or that our various bodies, be they physical or metaphysical are purely feminine. We must always remember the wisdom inherent in the Tao. For instance, although in general, Manas, Divine Mind, is masculine, and consciousness is feminine, we can say Manas, the Essence (our Inner Atman), Divine Masculine descends into Divine Mother, which is the five elements: earth, air, fire, water and Akash—the space in which the other four elements exist. Fire and water are opposites, just as earth and air are opposites, the Akash is their synthesis and negation (null point) just as the four cardinal points diverge from a common origin (zero point). Manifestation, the process of fecundating the feminine Akash with the masculine Essence, is one of Alchemy: TRANSMUTATION, yes, but specifically, CRYSTALLIZATION. As Master Samael often wrote, “the water must boil at 100 degrees in order for that which must be dissolved to dissolve, and that which must be crystallized to crystallize.” Fire and water.

What is dissolved, of course, is the Essence, and what is crystallized is the mental, emotional, energetic and/or physical form(s) of the Essence. Destruction and creation…transmutation.

And just as all manifest reality comes into being through the destructive power of the Divine Feminine Force—its capacity to transmute manas into form through its dissolution and crystallization of it—so too does the unmaking of all manifest forms happen through the destructive power of the Feminine Force. The Divine Feminine, the negating force, is simply doing what it always does when—for the sake of balance, renewal, and obligatory fulfillment of the laws of mechanical nature—the masculine force, manas, “overstays its welcome.” The feminine force grows tired of all this “order, structure, coagulation, crystallization” and begins to dissolve that which was previously crystallized. That which belongs to Divine Nature, The Monad, manas, returns to Divine Nature, and that which belongs to mechanical nature, the physical body and the personality, returns to mechanical nature. This is decay and death…cleaning the slate, preparing the feminine force to receive another masculine essence and repeat the process.

One can also see how in physical death, the Essence is “reborn,” released from its manifest state to return to an unmanifest state. But it is not the same as it was before. It has grown, it has learned, it has evolved. How? By virtue of experience, the accumulated experiential knowledge, and the karmic gains through service and sacrifice. Now, a reverse process can also take place—in line with the AUM of Life—and that is the downward spiral of devolution, where the Essence is not released from the forces of mechanical nature; rather, is bogged down and lost within them, even though its physical form dies. This is what we refer to as hell or Klipoth—the infernal worlds—and is of course related to karma. If sacrifice (suffering for the sake of alleviating the suffering of others) leads to evolution, then it follows that the opposite of sacrifice (causing or taking advantage of others’ suffering one’s own sake) leads to devolution. This is also a process of decay and death, and eventual rebirth, but the final tally of costs is exceedingly high.

Birth, death, sacrifice. Creation, destruction, evolution. On all levels of manifest reality, this cycle is an absolute and unavoidable law. Death is the universal Truth of manifest reality. For through death all things are created; and through death all things are destroyed. Likewise, it is only through death that SACRIFICE is possible, and creation in the supernal worlds is predicated on sacrifice. Without sacrifice, there can be no development, no growth, no evolution on the metaphysical plane. The Essence sacrifices itself in the process of manifestation just as the Akash does to create something that is based in both but is neither one nor the other (returning to our example of the spermatozoa and ovum sacrificing themselves to create a new, unique zygote—which is more than just an amalgamation of the two.

If all this strikes you as far too intellectual, dear reader, take a moment and cleanse your mind with a purely emotional/visual expression of “the seed,” “the hume” and death/rebirth… Read our poem “Ratatoskr and the Seed“.

“Transformation” and the Avoidance of Death

In our article, “The Folly of Avoiding Death,” we explain the practical reasons why avoidance of death will only lead to unnecessary suffering at best and, at worst, prevents us from awakening and Self-realizing. New Age followers hate the concept of death, and the New Age dogmatically asserts death doesn’t exist…that only transformation exists. How it is all just energy being transformed from one form into another, in a never-ending cosmic dance of beauty and wonder, etc. We do not deny the transformation of energy both underly and complement the processes we have described thus far. That said, we assert the New Age obsession with denying the existence of death essentially denies the fundamental force of Divine Mother Nature, which we have seen is necessary for the continuum of birth, death, and sacrifice. Yes, a spermatozoa uniting with an ovum undergoes a fundamental transformation of energy; but to deny the Self-Evident Experiential Knowledge of the facts—the spermatozoa and ovum cease to exist—is just spiritual bypassing. A caterpillar ceases to be. Obviously, its body is transformed into something else, but that something else (the chrysalis) CONSUMES the caterpillar. The caterpillar DIES. Anyone who denies this should go and visit a tribe of cannibals and experience the process of being eaten for themselves. Then they can talk about what a “beautiful cosmic dance” the experience was.

Naturally, birth, death, and sacrifice are beautiful, and they do constitute the cosmic dance. But to attempt to whitewash the harsh, visceral, and often painful process of that dance out of some desire for comfort and security simply reveals a fear of death. Not only is death inevitable, it is essential. More than just a clever pun, we use the word essential deliberately to recall our previous discussion of The Essence, and its necessary relationship to and reliance upon the Divine Feminine, whose fundamental nature is death: dissolution and crystallization, transmutation, alchemy.

You see, dear reader, the New Age obsession with avoiding death comes from their attachment to form. They somehow maintain the utterly erroneous notion that they can have their spiritual cake and eat it too. That somehow, by saying death is an illusion, and everything is just a transformation, they believe they can continue as they are in a completely different form, not realizing (because they are nowhere near Self-realized) that their present state of being is almost entirely defined by and dependent upon their mental, emotional, etheric, and physical form. They conceive intellectually of the fluid cosmic dance, and they assume they will flow and blend into the great primordial psychedelic smoothie, while still maintaining their thoughts, emotions, personality, etc. Of course, many of them have this impression due to their extensive use of psychedelic drugs, which of course present them with just such erroneous, subjective, and illusory experiences… “Oh don’t worry, do whatever you want, you’ll never die, it’s all good.”

So why does mechanical nature deceive us this way? And when can we trust mechanical nature to reveal the Truth?

The reaL PURPOSE of reality

If you have followed us on Facebook or this blog for some time, surely you must have encountered the following image by now, dear reader: a depiction of The Three Mountains of The Path of Awakening and Self-Realization of the Being…The Three Mountains of Initiation, Resurrection and Ascension.

Now, let us engage in a conscious exercise of visualization and imagination. Is mountain climbing easy? Is it supposed to be easy? Which mountain climbers are held in highest regard (pun intended)? Those who climb little hills, or those who climb Everest and K2? What, then, makes a master mountaineer? How does one become a master of mountaineering, or any endeavor for that matter? What comes into our mind, dear reader, are the immortal words of JFK, “we do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard.” And if it is so for any and all endeavors, what does that say when it comes to the question of mastery over one’s self?

Mechanical nature is traitorous by design. Recall Divine Mother Nature, the Divine Feminine Force, The Holy Negating Force, is OPPOSITIONAL by nature, but it is through the process of destruction (negation, opposition, death) that She creates…and what does She create? Like a mighty mountain range, She creates Master Mountaineers. Like a worthy sparring partner, She creates Strong Warriors. Like the cunning trickster Loki, She creates a wiser, more aware, more prepared Thor. But in accordance with The AUM of Life – Analogous Ultimate Methodology – we need not look at such lofty examples. We can turn to something as simple as LIVING WATER to see the absolute undeniable Truth of this phenomenon…

Be it computer expertise, musical ability, pilot skills, muscular growth, mental learning, human evolution, et al, the AUM of Life dictates and requires that mechanical nature by BAFFLING at every stage. For, like water, we become “structured and alive” when we overcome hurdles, pass tests, face ordeals, triumph over adversity, and conquer the mountains in our lives. This is what was expressed in Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, and constitutes the “upward spiral” of the AUM of Life…the Analogous Ultimate Methodology of all processes of evolution, growth, development, learning, manifestation, et al.

As we know, what goes up, must come down…if there is something called the upward spiral, then there is also the antithetical phenomenon of the downward spiral. And in fact, as we have already discussed, for the upward spiral of metaphysical evolution of the Monad (Divine Nature) is to take place, a corresponding downward spiral of the ego (mechanical nature) must also take place. However, if mechanical nature become TOO “BAFFLING,” and individuals within a humanity are overwhelmed the forces of mechanical nature, then they fall into metaphysical DEVOLUTION. Their Monad (Divine Nature) falls into a downward spiral, as the force of mechanical nature within them and around them enter into an upward spiral, become stronger and stronger and exerting their influence, causing more suffering and indeed achieving the outright enslavement of humanity.

Dearest reader, surely by that very description alone, your thoughts turn to the present day, the events of 2020, and the state of this suffering humanity as it becomes evermore concerned with shoring-up its defenses and self-preservation instincts on the level of MECHANICAL NATURE. This defines the Kali Yuga.

The BEGINNING OF THE End of the Kali Yuga

This period will be lost to history just as the details of the downfall of Atlantis were lost to us. And rightly so. There is no way of preventing what is unfolding. Mother Nature takes back what is Hers at the best of times. During the end of the Kali Yuga? NOTHING is escaping Her power to dissolve, destroy, and utterly annihilate. Before she goes about undertaking the physical destruction of this humanity and its civilization, she is orchestrating its moral, historical, cultural, religious, political and economic collapse, crystallizing a Technocratic Covidocracy so outrageously mechanical and oppressive, that a good portion of humanity will choose to outright turn their back on civilization altogether. They will say “we know how to live in harmony with nature,” and they will freely give themselves back to her, embracing the way of the savage on a devolving arch. That is why when we look around the world today, we see remnants of once-great civilizations living subsistence tribal existences, worshipping mechanical nature as their god/goddess, falling ever further into the downward spiral of animal existence (Sub-Saharan Africa was once home to this humanity’s earliest high civilizations; now it is home to the most savage and brutal tribal warfare on the planet). The “great” apes are our cousins only in the sense that they are the devolved remnants of previous humanities. Observe how chimpanzees will fiercely attack rival tribes (not just when they encroach on their territory…they go on raids into others’ territories) and literally tear rival tribe members limb from limb. Spend time in Sub-Saharan Africa and witness what the Warlords do to rival groups (and their woman and children), and you begin to realize that mechanical nature wants “the animal part” of humanity to return to her bosom. As for all those who stick it out in the technocracy; they, too, will be made more mechanical, machine-like, with a hive-mind and a collective behavior which, over countless millennia of devolution they may end up living in ant-like colonies. There is a reason why there are no fossilized remains of ants or anthills in the fossil record. In the extremely ancient past of this planet, there existed an insectoid humanoid race whose mechanical devolved descendants are the ants we know today. Utterly and completely mechanical. No trace whatsoever of their civilization. Humanities are to mechanical nature what skin is to a snake. With great writhing and violence, this planet will shed this civilization and leave naught but a trace. And the intellectual animals mistakenly calling themselves human who survive will be on the path of a devolving species.

Have you not wondered why, dear reader, you can go onto Amazon and find MULTIPLE BOOKS on Covid and “The Great Reset?” The Black Lodge is hyping-up the Covidocracy precisely because it wants more and more people to REJECT IT, outright and choose some version of “Twisted Vision B.” Mechanical nature wants nothing more than many pockets of survivors falling into the downward spiral of devolution, becoming evermore savage, primal, and tribal as they double-down on their belief that mechanical nature holds the key to The New Golden Age. It does not. By the time they might realize it, it will be too late for them. They will be so consumed by their nature worship, psychedelic trips, liberal fornication, sexual perversions of every kind, tattoos, piercings, scarring, the primal beat of the drum and, they will have lost all sense of their Higher Self and the path to Gnosis of that Innermost Essence of Divinity…their own Divine Nature. They will believe their connection is through Mother Gaia, the elementals of nature, the Lunar Astral Plane, etc. (in other words, they will become as all the varied aboriginal and native tribes around the world today, which are all remnants of once-great civilizations).

Only true human beings, those who have awakened consciousness, will be allowed to survive, and become the seeds of the NEXT humanity on this planet. That is the history of Atlantis allegorized in the story of Noah and the countless other “great flood” myths and creation stories found in the ancient texts and traditions of cultures from around the world.

Black Magic is Everywhere

It’s sad but true. All psychological manipulation is BLACK MAGIC. And it is EVERYWHERE. This humanity is inundated with it; saturated by it. At every turn, we are being influenced, and not just in the ways we know…the vast majority of black magic goes “under the radar” of our conscious mind, and directly to our subconscious mind, the domain of our many egos (which are The Black Lodge). It only makes sense that the machinations of psychic influence by The Black Lodge “out there,” be in cahoots with the source of all mechanical reactions and behaviors “in here:” within you, within me, within all of us. On the level of pure frequency vibration and resonance, like attracts like; like stimulates like. We have already covered the topic of vibrational resonance in-depth in our article, Lovers and Chi-eaters: The Hidden Truth about Sex & Relationships | ATTLAS IN FORMATION, but it is important to comprehend that the metaphysical phenomenon by which egos within a couple conspire with one another to manipulate the thoughts, emotions, sensations, actions, and REACTIONS of said couple we describe thoroughly in said article can be thought of as the microcosmic expression of said phenomenon. We know by general principles of occult science that “as above, so below,” meaning as in microcosm so in macrocosm. Thus, the simple metaphysical science of harmonic resonance applies to the manipulation of humanity on a global scale. The mental, emotional, sensory, sexual, instinctive and behavioral manipulation of the masses is a matter of frequency and vibration. The masters of this planet know this intrinsically. All they need do is manipulate whomever is creating whatever communication in whatever medium and imbue said work with their particular frequencies so as to stimulate their counterparts within individuals. And, since individuals under the influence of egos vibrating at certain frequencies give off corresponding vibrations, when individuals are together, the influence has a compounding effect (hench mob mentality, riots, lynching, crowd behaviors of every kind). It all comes down to the particular egos being stimulated and manipulating individuals FROM WITHIN. What is expressed “out there” in macrocosm is AN EFFECT first, a CAUSE, second. Always remember that. People today LOVE to blame “evil in the world” for all of humanity’s problems, including the mass manipulation and hypnosis of the masses. But the reality is, the masses RESONATE with the forces of manipulation ONLY because the masses are already hypnotized FROM WITHIN. The masses possess the egos which are matching the vibration of other egos. If the masses did NOT have those egos, they would be immune to the resonance field of the vibrations. But of course, the BLAME GAME is precisely the one the egos play with us. By convincing us that the cause of our suffering is “out there,” our egos remain free to continue causing our suffering unabated. So long as we do not observe them, they have “the run of the place,” so to speak…like mice or termites slowly taking over a house…our egos have their way with us, and the egos of others in places of influence and power in macrocosm have their way with us by proxy. When one contemplates the implications of this, one realizes there is no other way to assist humanity in liberation from the influence of black magic than by helping individuals comprehend and eliminate the egos within themselves.

Black Magic is Everywhere by Attlas Allux (Embedded Image: London – Piccadilly Circus 1966 by Marko Petsch ©2018)

The causes of your pain are not outside of you, as we made clear in countless posts. We cannot vibrate negatively unless the elements sharing those frequencies are already within us to resonate with their counterparts. In accordance with The Law of Attraction, we will attract what we are. We attract the very frequencies which activate our egos precisely so that we can become aware of the causes of our suffering. This orchestration is also facilitated dynamically and actively by our Individual Divine Mother, who can only eliminate egos which have been previously comprehended…and we cannot comprehend our egos without first observing them…but we cannot observe them unless they have been activated. These are the esoteric implications of Black Magic being “everywhere out there” as well as “in here.”

Opportunities to Evolve Surround Us

Now, if you’ve been paying close attention, dear reader, you know that in accordance with The AUM of Life, the upward spiral of metaphysical evolution cannot take place without a world that is baffling. And as we face and overcome the tests, trials, ordeals, causes of suffering, Black Magic, and all the traps set for us by The Black Lodge in its divinely ordained purpose to undermine and destroy this humanity metaphysically, we can make profound advances. The key is not to fall into the downward spiral of mechanical nature: anger, fear, belief, nature idolatry, psychedelics, et al. We mustn’t allow ourselves to fall into the trap of divide and conquer. Rather, we must take Bruce Lee’s timeless advice to “be water, my friend.” And use the baffles around us and within us to become stronger, structured, and alive…able to purify ourselves and be a nourishing medium for our True Self, our Innermost Atman (our SEED) to germinate and sprout…a process of psychological DEATH…of facing and conquering our own demons.

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