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Exploring “The Left Hand Path”

Believe it or not, we actually read, in its entirety, the recruitment page at And, believe it or not, we read it with an open mind, without any expectation of what we would encounter there. It was a most impressive indoctrination, and we can certainly see how one might be attracted to it (seduced by it). If you are unfamiliar with the LHP, The Temple of Set (at least how it was pitched at is by far one of the more rational, impressive, level-headed and serious presentations. Which makes it all the more seductive. But in terms of its promise to develop as a Monad, you may with to engage, dear Brothers and Sisters, in a conscious experiment of activated imagination…

Consider a scenario whereby you were playing a video game (be it Super Mario Bros. or World of Warcraft or anything in between). You’ve chosen to play that game to better yourself in some way. But the game is hypnotic, and a part of you, your consciousness, becomes identified with the character you are playing. The consciousness becomes SO identified, that it falls asleep and dreams itself to be the character within the game.

Your character, already having a physical, mental, emotional “stats” and a personality, now has self-awareness and free-will, characteristics of your consciousness, The Player, who was controlling the character, until You fell asleep and began dreaming yourself to be the character. This new “self” believes itself to be You. And, it does what it wants (what it wills). But You, The Player (The Monad, The Self), are still present, it’s just that your consciousness is dreaming and you (the character, the self) is no longer responding to You (The Player)–Your controller inputs and/or keyboard strokes. That said, You, The Monad, as an Individuated Essence of the Whole, cannot and will not violate The Absolute Law of Free Will, just as The Whole (God), will not violate that Law in relation to You. So you (your personality, intellect, emotions, and vital energy/physical body) are free to do whatever you wish however you wish.

But there’s a problem. Although self-aware, and possessing of free will, who or what is actually deciding what it is you want? If not The Player, than who? Consciousness is only an aspect of The Monad, and it is a medium, a vehicle and vessel, just as the character was a vehicle for The Player. A self-aware vehicle still requires direction. And that direction must come from somewhere.

There are 3 sources of such direction: conscious, unconscious, and subconscious. Conscious direction relates to that Will (of the Monad, the Player), which manages to reach you, which you know is not “yours” (the character’s) but “His” (Yours; The Player’s). Intuition, inspiration, imagination, Love, etc. After all, The Player never gives up on his character. He is bound to the game, by virtue of His consciousness dreaming in it. Unconscious direction relates to those directions which the character receives and acts upon without any real awareness of their source. This can include automatic, instinctive, intuitive, direction. Third, is subconscious, those hidden sources of direction produced by the legion of individual “egos” infesting and infecting the character (called many things throughout history: demons, sins, nafs, psychological aggregates, etc). These individual computer-game viruses each self-designate as an “I” and play a constant and never-ending game of “king of the hill” vying to be in control of the character. (You can observe this in yourself when you indulge a desire one moment, and then almost immediately feel ashamed of doing so…one desire, once satisfied, is supplanted by another one, even its opposite). This never-ending stream of consciousness creates the running commentary in our minds, and the illusory “I” (I…I…I…I…) along with the myriad cravings and aversions we suffer from. These egos are very clever and very subtle. They are designed to appropriate consciousness (they are responsible for causing The Player’s consciousness to fall asleep in the first place) and create the illusion of an individual “self”: aware, whole, with a permanent center of gravity and a complex and sophisticated self-defined will. But it is all an illusion; a fabrication of the subconscious mind. The self-aware character believing himself to be individuated and whole, with a will of his own, is a multiplicity of individuated little mechanical A.I. parasites, each running a particular program, each trapping consciousness and feeding off vital energy in order to replicate themselves (just as any virus, parasite, or computer virus).

The character (you) must be influenced, like any puppet. That is its nature. It is a vessel and a vehicle for You (The Player) to experience the (game) world and develop knowledge and experience. But at present, You (The Player) cannot do this because you (the character) are under the control of your false self (the ego). This is the TRUE nature of free-will… To BE or NOT to be. That’s it. That is all the free will we, as a vehicle, a vessel, a character in a game world, have: to seek to follow the direction of our Innermost Player, or to remain a slave to our egos (who obviously DO NOT honor the Law of Free will). On the contrary, egos subvert our free will in every moment and at every opportunity, using the most subtle, clever, rational, and insidious means possible. It is your Innermost Player’s longing for you to awaken and Self-Realize that you are a The Player not the character, that the ego subverts, twists, and corrupts into the notions of awakening further as the self…The Promise of the LHP… this is its trick/trap for you. To awaken as the self means to fall further asleep and be even more separated from your Self; to set the Monad on a truly horrific course.

We explore this analogy in greater depth in our article entitled: If Art Mirrors Life, what do Video Games, Sci-Fi & Fantasy show us About Ourselves?

One Ring to Rule Us All

Take a closer look at Video Games, i-technology, and how they relate to The Matrix and Lord of the Rings, we can discover a great deal about ourselves.

The Left Hand Path is to become even more Lunar, mechanical, and dependent on the manipulation / subjugation of physical / metaphysical objective reality: first within yourself, and eventually affecting others and all beings. For with each and every exercise of Black Magic, the egos at work behind the scenes multiply, and the false self grows, becoming ever more complex, requiring more vital force to continue its self-indulgence. It eventually becomes like the Borg, or the A.I. of the Matrix, which must turn to enslaving others, hypnotizing their consciousness and siphoning their vital energy so they may keep themselves powerful and animated. This, brothers and sisters, is what all powerful followers of the LHP eventually become… vampiric entities. Beginning first as relatively innocuous and ‘ethical’ practitioners of Black Magic, later becoming powerful Black Magicians seeking naive hosts to feed off of, culminating in awakening as fully-self-realized demons, who must establish cults, schools, organizations and recruit/seduce thousands of new members/victims, all with the promise of [insert any number of a near-infinite variety of LPH sales pitch here]. All with no enduring satisfaction, peace, joy, or happiness…just a seemingly never-ending pursuit of that which sustains them and drives them…like any addiction…as they desperately and eventually maddeningly try to stay out in front of their own karma. And part of the way they accomplish this is by recruiting new members…like any pyramid, or multi-level marketing scheme. New recruits like you, who are seduced with extremely well constructed, hypnotic, rationalized, and enticing sales pitches.

Read Faust.  Or watch a movie/opera about him.

If this is truly your Path, as chosen for you by your Monad (your True Self, The Player), then so be it. Either way, willingly or against Its Will, the Left Hand Path is a clever and subtle way by which your Monad is enslaved and you become a pawn of The Black Lodge. The Law of Karma cannot be circumvented forever. Like any Ponzi scheme or off-balance sheet debt, eventually one must pay what one owes.

These are the facts, and why it is that THE question beckons you, and all of us, each and every moment…

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