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Attlas Allux Unveils New Logo

Today we unveil our new website logo, featuring a stylized Attlas Allux upholding both a hypnotized world and the AUM of Life.

Attlas Allux takes the form of an 'x' which is, of course, not only a cross, but also the chalice and blade (lingam - yonni), and the two pyramids of Hermes Trismegistus's famous Law of Correspondence, "as above, so below."

Look for this logo to be featured on social media as well as future memes based on quotations from our upcoming book, "What in Hell is with Us?" which is in the final stages of publishing and should be available before the end of the month. As always, stay tuned for updates and to be among the first to learn the esoteric secrets behind The Great A-Weakening of Humanity.

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