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Return to Innocence

Well, it’s been quit a while since my last post.   One might be tempted to think I abandoned The Attlas Project altogether, let alone this blog.  Not so.

I made a promise in the final chapter of Volume One of The Attlas Project book (SEE the World in a New Light), that there would be a second volume (SEE the Light of the World).  “Write what you know,” is the order of the day.  I was−and for the most part still am−fumbling around in the dark!

So why begin writing the book at all?  Call it an exercise in intellectual purging.  I had to get this stuff “out there” and “outta here,” at least where my mind was concerned.  To clarify: there is an old Buddhist story about an enlightened master who shows his pupil the problem of trying to fill a glass already full of water.

So now, after a number of months, a sabbatical from my sabbatical−a vacation both with and from myself−I have returned to this blog a little older.  Not so much wiser as gotten wise to just how little I know−about so many things.  Can’t say my glass has been emptied all that much, either.

It is not my intention to run down a laundry list of everything I’ve learned over the past months, about myself; the nature of reality; our place in it.  All that will be addressed in one form or another in due course.  Suffice it to say, this is now an exercise in exploration.  Of what?  Consciousness.

What does this say about part one of the book and posts to-date on here?  Was I innocent (the cynic may rightfully say naive at this point) or just plain ignorant?  You are free to come to your own judgment.  Me?  Judgment is no longer on my to-do list, although it still happens I will admit.  The past is the past, and materialistic intellectualism serves its purpose.

As for me?  I return to serve my purpose.  A man seeing the world in a new light for the first time since childhood.  Taken by the shoulders and directed in the path of success, led by as-yet unknown forces between the two pillars upon which rests the whole edifice of objective Knowledge itself.  Day by day, making super-efforts to remain conscious, awake and truly alive.

On this, the return, I am not innocent, but perhaps in time I will find union with that which is, always has been and always will be…within all of us.  To experience and know it objectively; to see the Light of the World objectively; to share for the sake of others; these reflect the renewed mission of The Attlas Project.

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