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On Lost Civilizations: Our Perspective on the Graham Hancock & Flint Dibble Debate hosted by Joe Rogan

Our position on the recent debate between Graham Hancock and Flint Dibble on The Joe Rogan Experience, is that both Graham Hancock and archaeologists like Dibble are trapped in a paradigm that prevents them from seeing anything other than what they already believe and expect to find... that is because even the best mechanical rational minds work with PATTERN RECOGNITION.

The key here is not simply a "lost" civilization but a lost ADVANCED civilization. Our problem with Graham is that he is trapped in precisely the same materialist intellectualism as his supposed archaeologist adversaries. Each is convinced that their preferred "physical evidence" supports their beliefs...but they are both making a fatal intellectual assumption: they assume that the lost civilization would have been building megalithic structures and/or would have left behind evidence that would have survived. Archaeologists look for stone tools, etc. And of course they find them. How many people today use stone tools? Do you? Do I? Sure, there are tribes living all over the world in isolated pockets and along coastlines using primitive tools, and were our civilization wiped out tomorrow, the Great Pyramid might survive, along with many arrowheads, pottery, bone and ivory tools, cave paintings, etc. (i.e. that all exist in remote areas well clear of the major population centers...remote areas mechanical nature has NO REASON TO DESTROY).

This is key: no one is asking what the REASON for wiping out a global civilization might be, who does it, how, and why the planet might specifically ensure that plenty of primitive hominids survive. No one is asking this question. Nor why mechanical nature seems to PREFER isolated tribes of humanity who have "given themselves back to nature" and whose spirituality exists primarily of nature idolatry, psychedelic trips, vision quests, shamanism, Gaia worship, etc.? We not only ask these questions in our book, we answer them.

So what about the vast majority of our advanced civilization and population living in modern cities? How many cars do you think will be around 15,000 years from now? How much plastic? Not "microplastics," mind you... actual plastic kitchen utensils and such? Be honest and objective, now: knowing what happens to plastic in just DECADES of exposure to ultraviolet radiation, etc. What about concrete? Rebar? Glass? Metal? Even so-called "stainless steel" or aluminum which oxidizes. Look at metal tools just a few hundred years old, let alone ten thousand. Maybe the reason why the only tools and artwork we find from pre-history are primitive precisely because an advanced society doesn't use stone tools, doesn't paint on stone walls, and doesn't build with actual stones. Do you think any of Banksy's spray-paintings on concrete is going to survive an apocalypse? And then another ten thousand of years of exposure after that?

Now factor in a global catastrophe like a "great flood" and the SINKING of an entire continent (Atlantis is on the bottom of the Atlantic...where NO archaeologist is even capable of excavating because of the sheer depths, water pressure, etc. I don't even know how one would go about excavating in 10,000+ years of sediment at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean! It would be some kind of modern miracle of science to even undertake the machinery required for such a feat.)

You have to imagine a global catastrophe on a scale that Hancock and Carlson talk about (tsunamis that are many miles high, not just a few hundred feet) rushing at thousands of meters per second, washing over entire continents of our fragile "advanced civilization" as, say, all of Eastern Europe down through Africa suddenly plunged into the depths like a colossal sinkhole creating a new ocean separating Western Europe from Asia. And, how such an event might return us to "the stone age" overnight. This requires a different kind of approach, one that is outside of the wheelhouse of pure archaeology, or even the "slow, methodical continental drift" paradigm of geology.

It is the very absence of physical evidence which makes empirical study and rational intellectual argument of a lost civilization on purely archaeological / geological terms impossible...and ultimately exhausting. Can you imagine how many "unidentified" fragments were simply ignored and discarded by archaeologists and/or geologists because they didn't appear to be pottery, bone, ivory, stone, bronze, etc? What would an 18th or 19th century archaeologist make of a fragment of plastic? What if the lost civilization of Atlantis used materials that are completely foreign to us. What if they, like ourselves, sought to use "recyclable and/or biodegradable materials" in their civilization? How many such materials would you expect to find? Would you even be looking for them? Or, would you be looking for what you EXPECT to find? Just like Graham Hancock EXPECTS to see large megalithic structures where others see natural geologic formations (because they do not expect to see large megalithic structures).

"So where are the skeletons of the dead?" you might rightly ask. Well, I could ask you the same thing: where are the MANY skeletal bones of GIANTS that were appropriated and locked away by the Smithsonian Institute and others? They were not ALL "fakes, frauds, and hoaxes." One cannot wholesale discount Graham Hancock's frustration with what Flint Dibble called "the assholes of archaeology." Remember, there have been countless patents for hyper-efficient carburetors, free energy devices, antigravity propulsion, etc. stamped "TOP SECRET / OFF LIMITS" by the U.S. Patent Office citing "national security concerns," their inventors ruined, their workshops ransacked, their research notes and prototypes stolen, and themselves often disappeared or killed under suspicious circumstances. Suppression of discoveries is not limited to the powerful institutions of archaeology alone. Like Flint said, "the assholes" are everywhere.

In the Iron Age of a humanity, the Black Lodge rules. Their JOB is to bring about the Great A-Weakening of Humanity... weaken and undermine global civilization in advance of its death. Just as mechanical nature uses old age, dementia, weakness, disease, etc. to weaken and undermine every physical entity through the natural process of entropy, in advance of the universal phenomenon of NATURAL DEATH. No intellectual, it seems, is willing to factor this into the discussion. But we know it to be the most important piece of the puzzle...the only piece that is objectively True on a universal and incontrovertible certainty: death. Nothing lives forever. Nothing lasts forever.

A snake breaths through its skin. If the snake doesn't shed its dry, cracked, inflexible, irritating skin, and make way for new, young, supple, flexible, moist skin to take its place, it will suffocate and die. The snake must shed its skin, just as the planet must shed itself of a humanity that has outlived its usefulness. These are the facts. It has happened before. It is happening now. And the evidence is all around us and within us, if we develop the eyes to see and the ears to hear it. And we share all the evidence and how one can discover the Truth for oneself through one's Self in our book, "What in Hell is With Us?"

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