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NDE’s: What are they and What are they Trying to Teach us?

no one automatically falls up a mountain.

We recently watched a video, My 14 Years of NDE Research Shows What Is Coming to Mankind with David Suich | NLS Podcast (Next Level Soul Podcast with Alex Ferrari). As the title suggests, David Suich has spent the last 14 years of his life interviewing thousands of individuals who have had near-death experiences. To gather such a tremendous collection of experiential knowledge is truly a monumental undertaking and qualifies as a profound life’s work. What comes to mind is Joseph Campbell’s exhaustive study of over 6,500 myths, religions, traditions, folklore, fairy tales, and stories of cultural significance from around the world and throughout time. But whereas Joseph Campbell’s exhaustive study resulted in his seminal book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” and his famous “Heroic Journey,” Suich’s extensive research has yielded naught but the proclamation, “God is Love” (the universe is Love, everything is Love, etc.). Lest we be accused of misinterpreting Suich’s conclusions, misrepresenting his words and work, or unfairly oversimplifying, we offer you, dear reader, the interview we watched in its entirety…

God is indeed Love, and Suich seems to know intuitively, and via his study of NDE experiences, that love is severity and mercy. His conclusion that everything will be alright in the end seems to undercut how deep and profound severity is. Just as his study of NDE’s fails to recognize a fundamental fact which many of his subjects likewise seem to comprehend about their experiences. If his conclusions are any indication, many of them have not meditated on their near-death experience so much as they have interpreted it with ego-mind. From the substance of this interview, it appears many of them, if Suich’s reporting is any indication, have ascribed profound meaning to their experiences from the point of view of their ego, their false self. The fact that Suich himself makes no reference whatsoever in his reporting to the distinction between the false self and True Self, even after thousands of interviews, is of major concern regarding what humanity is learning from the phenomenon of NDE’s. In this brief article, we will shed light on what NDE’s are really teaching us…a lesson our egos do not want us to learn.

The problem is we think we are awake; conscious. When in fact we are asleep. This humanity is 97% ego, on average. And death does NOT eliminate ego automatically. People’s near-death experiences happen for a reason, but they falsely assume that because they had such profound near-death experiences that they are automatically “going to a better place” after death. Or, that if the Ascended Masters or some guide tells them not to worry, that they have earned their place in heaven, that such a privilege must also extend to every last man, woman, and child on the planet. It does not.

No one automatically falls up a mountain. That is why “the way is difficult and the gate narrow into heaven, and there are few who take it.” Whereas it is more than possible to fall down into the valley of darkness below. For “the way is easy and the gate narrow into hell, and there are many who take it.”

The experience, purpose, and objective meaning of NDE’s, knowable only via free consciousness, are very different from the subjective interpretations and meaning ascribed to them by the rational mind…the monkey mind of the human-like machine…ego mind….”Shaitan” in Hebrew and Arabic meaning “the adversary.” Ego loves nothing more than to co-opt, twist, and corrupt all that is good, True, and of the Light. That is egos’ (sins, demons, devils, nafs, psychological aggregates, or by whatever name) divinely ordained purpose. After all, what is the purpose to being if there is nothing to test and tempt us? No obstacles to overcome? No mountains to climb? No challenge? No victory? No risk of losing means no opportunity for triumph. No pain, no gain.

There is no point playing a game without an opponent. Now imagine playing the ultimate MMORPG. People “lose themselves” in such video games all the time. They become so identified with the virtual reality game world, so attached to their character, that they forget to eat, sleep, work, friends, family, et al. If a consciousness can be so hypnotized by such an implausible and imperfect virtual game world, why do we deny the fact that the collective consciousness of humanity is utterly hypnotized by physical reality and the character of the false self?

Now imagine how ludicrous it would be for the character of a video game to leave the game after it dies. Who else can walk away from the game if not THE PLAYER of the character? But ONLY if that player is no longer hypnotized by the game, identified with and attached to their virtual character! That is why it was said in all ancient mystery schools: “noscte ipsum”…know thy Self. Or, in the parlance of Master Jesus, “know Thy Father in Heaven.” For everyone’s Innermost Being is an Individuated Essence of The Christ: The Fire of fire, Light of lights, and Being of beings…The Second Logos and the Son of God who descended from the Solar Absolute to speak on behalf of The Logos, “the Father of all fatherhood,” via the Power of The Holy Spirit (The Divine Mother). Our own Individuated Essence of The Trinity constitutes our personal “Father in Heaven” and Divine Mother…our Innermost Player. Our True Self, consciousness, and human soul.

NDE’s are attempts by the Ascended Masters to free our consciousness from identification and attachment with our character and its many cravings and aversions (desires). Buddhists recognize desires as the cause of all our suffering. In this context, NDE’s are blessings to liberate our soul from psychological hell. That is why they are so transformative. But they are not “get out of jail free” cards. Nor can they magically allow the character we are playing in this lifetime into heaven. They are meant to help us awaken our consciousness and remember our True Self…our Innermost Player. To SEEK the AUM of Life: the Analogous Ultimate Methodology to knowing our Selves. Then this human-like machine we are identified with and attached to can awaken from the zombie apocalypse and begin living as a True Human Being…a Triune Human Being (Three in One: rational mind and metamind of Being)…”made in the image and likeness of God,” The Trinity…The Supreme Being of Tri-Unity, and the Perfect Multiple Unity of all beings.

For more information, watch our video about The Human Condition:

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