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Mechanical & Conscious Nature and the Waters of Life

What good is a well dug down into the earth where the Unlimited Source of fresh spring water flows, without a DEEP VESSEL (bucket) and the MECHANICAL APPARATUS (ropes, pulley, handle) to draw water from it? And then the PHYSICAL VESSEL needed to carry said water back to the village in, and from which to pour forth the water and fill the "empty cups" of the villagers with? One thing is certain: without a steady flow of that life-giving water, the villagers will perish and the village will vanish. The mechanical, physical apparatus/vessel serves the greater purpose of The Source of Life: to share its unlimited life-affirming gifts to those who thirst for them. This is how the relationship between mechanical rational mind and conscious metamind of being SHOULD work. It is self-evident, given the waters of life.

Now imagine a bunch of villages fighting over surface-level water, using their mechanical tools and vessels to hoard, steal, and/or poison the water of their hydrollectual adversaries, largely ignorant of the unlimited wellspring beneath all of their feet. Like the Fremen in Dune, they make a religion of "their waters," which they will defend with their lives (and does not the mechanical rational mind fight tooth and nail to protect "its beliefs")? The very mechanical tools that could/should liberate them from their thirst are what shackle them to fight over what surface water they can see (superficial, literal, dogmatic interpretations of religion, materialist science, cult-like identification and attachment to every conceivable belief system, secular or otherwise). Water that gets more and more polluted, stagnant, and putrefied over time as it is hoarded, fought over, stolen, poisoned, treated, recycled, etc. The mechanical law of entropy: endlessly re-used water can never remain as fresh and True as it once was.

Every now and then a stranger will arrive carrying a vessel filled with the cleanest, freshest, most nourishing water, that they seem to be able to refill unlimitedly. The water-barons cannot abide this; for they see their power and authority (based on their control of the water supply) threatened. So they arrange for the bearer of infinite water to be shunned, exiled, or worse, killed. The villagers never learn of the location of the unlimited wellspring that was the Source the stranger drew water from. Nor how to use their mechanical tools and vessels to dig a well, discover that same Source beneath their very feet, construct a pulley apparatus, and carry the waters from said Unlimited Source to all the villages unconditionally. They return instead to digging in their heels, defending "their true waters" from the "polluted and tainted false waters" of their hydrollectual and hydrolitical adversaries who only want to conquer, steal, and/or poison "their true waters."

Mechanical nature, that should be serving the Unlimited Source of Free, life-giving Conscious Nature, eliminating all thirst, is instead the apparatus of everyone's suffering and imprisonment... fighting over the limited surface water they are identified with, attached to, and afraid of losing... since it is so "precious" to them (invoking Gollum's "precious" from LOTR).

"if you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you." - Gospel of Thomas.

The Holy Spirit (the Pentacostal Fires) are the eternal life-giving waters deep within the earth. They must be drawn "up and at'em...atom...Adam" up out of the well (via the shushumna canal of the spinal medula) and fill the physical vessel to the brim (to the crown chakra atop our heads) whereupon their Divine Potential Ignites, Inspires (to be IN SPIRIT), and commands the mortal vessel to go forth and pour forth the Will of God, ignited by the fire of The Holy Spirit, to live a live of Service, Suffering, and Sacrifice for humanity (the fiery Passion of The Fire of fires, Light of lights, and the Being of beings of the Christ). This is why Moses, Noah, and Jesus were all "Masters of the Waters" (parting the Red Sea, surviving the flood, walking on water), and why Moses and Jesus were masters of Fire: from the burning bush and column of fire holding back pharaoh, to the Pentecostal fires atop the apostles head Jesus presided over...The Holy Sprit comes to us from God through Christ...they are a Tri-Unity, after all). Just as the relationship between eternal wellspring, bucket, mechanical apparatus drawing the bucket up and the physical vessel carrying and pouring forth for humanity is a Tri-Unity in above so below, a True Human being "made in the image and likeness of God"...a tri-unity of earthen vessel (hume) for Divine Mind (manas) of Being (Individuated Essence, Spark, or Burning Tongue of Flame of The Holy Spirit). The Pentecostal Human Being is DaVinci's Vitruvian Man: All four mechanical elements and the FIFTH element, AETHER, SPIRIT, pointed upright, the energy flowing "up and at'em, atom. Adam). This is the UPRIGHT pentagram of the Medieval Alchemists (transmuting lead into gold...extracting the Pentecostal Fires from the Holy Waters deep within their earth). Invert the Pentecostal fires, spill the precious waters from the earthen vessel before it reaches the empty cups of the village, fail to be a "master of the waters," and the Tower of Babel falls. The Pentagram becomes INVERTED (like that of the Satanists), the proverbial Adam FALLS, cast out from The Garden into the wilderness of suffering...DOWN AND OUT... the precious Spirit of our own Holy Waters not drawn up the spinal column to ignite the Pentecostal Fires, but instead, flowing down and out from the base of the spine, symbolized by "the tail of Satan" on every depiction of a demon. From the baptism by water to the baptism by fire, comprehension of Pentecost and Babylon, and indeed all of human history is incomplete until we comprehend the covenant between mechanical and divine nature (earth and heaven, determinism and free will; subjective and objective; humanity and God) within ourselves, here and now, practically, metaphysically, scientifically, and consciously. There will be no Jubilee for those who spill their Holy Waters and make a Whore of Babylon out of their Virgin Mother. SOME sins can be forgiven. SOME. For the penitent (i.e. the upright pentagrams...the Pentecostal ones, bringing forth what is within them into the world in an upright way). For those who are NOT penitent, who are inverted pentagrams, who continually live "down and out," no amount of suffering or sacrifice by others, not even that of Jesus Christ Himself, can "save them." God helps those who help themselves. But God is not a tyrant. For those who continually, willingly or unwittingly CHOOSE the easy path through the wide gate, they will reap what they sow. These are the objective metaphysical and scientific facts of these powerful, universal, and self-evident symbols of Truth.

P.S. These are not "my waters." I am just a bucket. Together with the mechanical apparatus and earthen vessel of our loyal mortal stenographer, we are able to share this new perspective on a "tall order"... To reach "great heights," simply dig deep and draw forth from the eternal wellspring within. Here's an equally simple perspective:

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