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Manifesting Your Desires (What the New Age forgot to tell you) [Video]

In our latest video, Attlas reveals the Truth of The Law of Attraction, how it actually serves us, when and how manifesting is appropriate (and for Whom; on whose behalf), and the Self-defeating consequences of manifesting desires. This one is 25 minutes; which is on the lengthy side for a “YouTube Rant” video.  We’re still new to this “talking head” format. Still, the actual recording session had well over AN HOUR of material. And, the topic is important and there have been THOUSANDS of hours promoting manifesting wants, so perhaps we can be forgiven 25 minutes of counter-movement.

Very few people will give you the straight goods on “The Law of Attraction” and “Manifesting Your Desires.” Of course not! Because this teaching has become a cottage industry for the New Age and Self-Help movements. There is too much money to be made, and too important a dark agenda to have millions of people practising black magic. Sounds implausible? Sounds like another conspiracy theory? Just visit the New Age section of the bookstore, or Facebook, or YouTube. “The Secret” purported to reveal to the world the hidden knowledge practised by the so-called “rich and powerful” throughout history, but always kept hidden from the masses. What The Secret doesn’t reveal is the EFFECTS such practices have on the psyche of said “rich and powerful.” And there is one…a very dire direct effect of manifesting desires.

As an aside, it took our computer 8 HOURS to render this video. Until we can afford a newer, more powerful rig actually suited to HD video, we’ll have to make a decision about what we put out there…shorter videos? Lower resolution videos? Fewer videos; more blogs?

Of course, if you want to help us make more videos more often, and want to help us overcome some of the technological limitations we have to work around, you can support us through our Patreon Page.

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