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Lovers and Chi-eaters: The Hidden Truth about Sex & Relationships

Updated: Feb 19

Meme: “Lovers and Chi-eaters: Are You Getting Screwed?” By Attlas In Formation.

We’ve all been there: that awkward, painful, frustrating, volatile place with our romantic partner where we simply cannot seem to figure out “what’s up!? What the hell is going on in this relationship!?” The arguments. The fights. Startlingly  uncontrollable reactions to seemingly insignificant actions. They appear to know exactly how to push our buttons—and push them they do. And we push theirs. How? Why? Why is it we get into the most intense conflicts with the ones we love the most? Often to the point where we have no choice but to ask them directly…


The above is not a type-o. Yes, we know that’s not how you spell “que” in Spanish (meaning “what”). It is, however, how to spell ch’i (chi), also known as prana, the vital energy, the sexual force. And it is, in fact, what is “up,” especially between lovers. It is the secret force at work behind all interpersonal relationships but particularly influential in sexual ones. As such, it is the focus of this article and answer to the questions “who’s screwing who?” and “are you getting screwed?”

Anyone even remotely interested in spirituality, martial arts, or Eastern philosophy will have heard of chi before. Indeed, if you have ever heard about tai-chi or qi-gong you have heard of chi. But it may be worthwhile to comprehend what chi is, how it relates to sex (and therefore what sex really is), and more importantly, the crucial role it plays in our relationships—especially romantic relationships.

It’s time to finally comprehend “what’s up!?” with our relationships and how ALL LOVERS are what we are playfully calling “chi-eaters.”

Yes, all lovers chi-eat. Including you. Including me. No exceptions. And it is a serious offense. Is it as serious as its related term, “cheat?” It should become clear to you by the end of this article that apart from disloyalty, dishonesty, lust, etc. cheating is simply chi-eating with a person other than your spouse. We say “spouse,” here because the facts are the facts: as far as the universe is concerned, when two people copulate, they are married. Forget rings, ceremonies, legal documentation, social norms and traditions. If you “do it,” you’ve gone and done it: you are married in the Eyes of the Universe, Divinity, and the Great Law (of Karma). It’s simply a fact: sex is sacred.

Let us be clear: we do not mean “sex is sacred” from any social, cultural, traditional, religious dogmatic, or any worldly perspective. Sex is sacred from the perspective of the universe; from the perspective of divinity itself. In fact, there are few things more sacred than sexuality. Sexuality is the creative Law of Three: masculine, feminine, and union of masculine and feminine (holy affirming force, holy negating force, and holy reconciling force to use the terminology of Gurdieff; positive, negative, and neutral forces, as inside the atom). Nothing can come into being without all three forces at work. It is the power of creation on all levels of manifestation, and for the human kingdom, it is represented by the double-edged sword of Excalibur and the two different types of serpents in the story of Exodus: the serpents which bite the Israelites in the desert, and the serpent of brass which Moses raises on his staff (brass is an alchemical combination of copper (feminine) and tin (masculine).

Meme: “The Law of Three” by Attlas In Formation.

On the question of serpents, the tempting serpent associated with sex is responsible for “The Fall of Man” if we eat the fruit of “the Tree of knowledge of good and evil [sexuality]”; or, if we use willpower and harness the sexual force and raise it on a staff (the spinal column) as Moses did, it can be for us “the Gate to Return to Eden.” But more on that later. For now, we must try to appreciate that sex is far from the frivolous plaything of lustful adolescents and amorous adults alike. Sex is the power of creation (and there’s a little destruction in all creation). Again, with respect to serpents, this dual nature of creation-destruction will come up more later. For now, let us comprehend one simple fact…


Is there doubt in your mind that sex is power? It gives us the power to procreate. But let’s not dwell on the driving urge to procreate as a powerful influence in our lives. Let us broaden and deepen our understanding of what we mean by ‘sex’ and the ‘power’ it wields over humanity and our psyche. For instance, why is it that sex is used to sell just about anything and everything? We must make a distinction here, dear reader, between the act of copulation—having sex—versus the state of sexual arousal and the urge for release from said state through sexual gratification. That is, lust and fornication—the yearning for release of the sexual energy—and its mechanism, the orgasm. And it is precisely that powerful release of energy that lust, well, lusts after. It is the release of energy that lust orchestrates because the creative power of the sexual force is what lust wants. But why? We’ll get to that shortly. First, let us make a clear distinction between orgasm and sex.

We know for a fact that the act of sex is unnecessary for fornication. Masturbation is not only widely practised, it is encouraged by secular psychologists, so-called sexologists, and even most practitioners of Western Medicine. They say both masturbation and orgasm are ‘healthy’ and ‘good for us.’ The Internet has proven this humanity’s lust for sexual gratification through pornography is insatiable. Porn was the first industry to develop online images and video and it is one of the most prolific forces advancing virtual reality and interactive sex devices which—when combined with VR—will create fully immersive, photo-realistic, 3-dimensional sexual fantasies and scenarios for every appetite, fetish and obsession. And for the porn industry, as with masturbation, sexual arousal always—always—comes with climax, orgasm, in mind.

It is precisely this lust, this desire, which marketers tap into when they use sex to sell us everything from cars to clothing to dish soap. But how? How do they relate the desires of the flesh (which we can agree are fairly specific) with the desire for prestige, or satisfaction of hunger, or fulfilling some utilitarian need? How do advertisers transform our lust into a desire for particular brands, products, services, etc? The answer is chi, the sexual force.


So now we make another distinction: between the desire of sex (lust) and the force of sex (chi). But isn’t chi within us? How can we desire what we already possess? (Have you never asked yourself that question before?) Or could it be that maybe—just maybe—the source of lust isn’t actually a part of us. That is, our desires are not actually ours. They’re inside us, but they aren’t actually who we are. They certainly feel like they are, with cravings and aversions expressing themselves as “I want this, I don’t want that,” but it is precisely that never-ending stream of desires in our heart, mind and body expressing themselves as “I…I…I…” which hypnotize us into believing they are us; we are them. But it’s not so. They are inside us, they belong to us, and they are even the result of our past behaviours, but they are not who/what we are. So, what are they?

In a word, they are egos. And that stream of never-ending cravings and aversions expressing themselves as “I want this / I don’t want that” in each of our three brains—heart, mind and body—form the illusory self we refer to as the singular ego of contemporary psychology. Egos, the source of desires, can infect our physical body. They create those physical cravings and aversions we know all too well. But being metaphysical they can also infect our vital, emotional, and mental bodies. And like any other virus/parasite, egos want to do two things: feed and multiply.

Psychology, of course, has no knowledge of what we are writing about here. They cannot abide the acknowledgment of any metaphysical reality into their secular materialist practise whereby the explanations for all human problems can be found in the fleshy folds of grey matter we call our brain.

Whether or not you count yourself in the camp of neurologists and neuropsychologists who believe that behaviour comes from the brain alone, we are going to use a contemporary technological analogy to help in our discussion. We would ask you, dear reader, to imagine egos as malware—for a secular perspective think of egos as little programs running on the brain’s hardware not unlike computer viruses—which do specific things and have specific goals. For the purpose of this discussion, it is best to understand the type of malware we’re dealing with is ransomware—”do this or else”—i.e. it wants something and it is going to make your life a living hell until it gets what it wants.

Meme: “Psychological Ransomware” by Attlas In Formation.

Now that starts to sound more like a typical virus or other parasite. And again, like its biomimetic inspiration, ransomware wants to feed (get you to pay the ransom) and multiply (copy itself and move on to infect other machines).

In the human machine the sexual force, the life force, the vital energy and the foundation of physical reality is the etheric body—the body of chi. This is the energy which any particular ego, the malware in our analysis, wants and needs in order to multiply itself. (Of course! Because the sexual force is the force of creation and procreation.) So the ego—like any malware—has a mechanical program which it executes once it infects our human machine. And like its ransomware counterpart, the ego executes a command which makes its demands known to us through a desire—either a craving or an aversion—and that command is processed by the CPU of the mind/brain as “I must have this/I mustn’t have that or else I will suffer.”

Let’s look at that suffering for a moment. In the case of sexuality, it could be as simple as unsatiated arousal. Anyone who has ever found themselves sexually aroused and unable to act on it knows how that feels. But it could as easily be hunger, or a craving for sweets, or satisfying a caffeine addiction. It could be fear, anxiety, loneliness, depression. It could be pride—the desire to think or speak highly of oneself. If we observe ourselves in the moments prior to and during such episodes in our lives, we can experience the mechanical, step-by-step process by which the ransomware inside us is making us suffer in order to get us to GIVE IN…to give it what it wants…to GIVE UP our chi; to release a little (or a lot) of our sexual energy.

So lust does want our chi. But in order to get it, we must give it up. We must give in to the ransomware’s demands. Now you see exactly why we use language like give in to lust or use willpower to not give in to snacking cravings. We also begin to see the origins of such concepts as bargaining with the devil. With our peace, comfort and security rattled through some suffering, the ego (ransomware, kidnapper, terrorist) puts forth its demands: in exchange for momentarily easing our suffering with an equally fleeting burst of pleasure (explosive orgasm followed by momentary relief from sexual arousal; burst of flavours and brief satiation of our hunger, soothing balm or pharmaceutical temporarily easing our pain, “cool” distraction taking our mind of any particular suffering for the time being) we must give in and give up some sexual energy to the ego. That ego, in turn, FEEDS—consumes our sexual force not only strengthening itself but multiplying itself in the process. Just like any virus of parasite in nature. Just like ransomware.

The key, of course, is that all this is just temporary. The ego will be back. Lust, greed, pride, fear, anger, gluttony…none can be satiated permanently by giving into them…none. Ever. Each time we give into our egos they become more and more emboldened. They multiply. And with greater numbers they lay siege to us with greater strength. That translates into deeper desires; more intense cravings; more acute suffering of lack, loss, etc. Be it terrorist, kidnapper, or cyber hacker’s ransomware, it is utterly naïve to believe giving into demands will dissipate and end their existence forever. They’ll be back for more. Again and again and again.

Sound familiar? It should. Because there’s only one inevitable conclusion we can arrive at…

Meme: “Egos F**K with Us” by Attlas In Formation.

So, dear reader, the unfortunate answer to at least one question we posed at the beginning, is YES: YOU ARE GETTING SCREWED. 

Just how much so? Consider the other commodity which egos covet above all else: CONSCIOUSNESS. And it is when we identify with the desires egos present to us (I want this / I don’t want that) and treat them as “MY” desires, believing them to be “mine” and the stream of desires in our psyche to define “who I am,” we lose ourselves to our egos. Our consciousness becomes trapped inside the egos themselves and we lose our true sense of Self, hypnotized by the commands from a ceaseless stream of ransomware running in our heart, mind, and body. We become UNCONSCIOUS. And a great deal of activity takes place in our SUBCONSCIOUS. The frightening part of all this is that in our subconscious egos “have their way with us” without our knowledge—let alone our consent—and this results in adverse behaviour of all kinds which we take for granted. In many ways we can think of a sexual predator who slips date-rape drugs into drinks at a party and then rapes his victims at will while they are asleep or “in la la land.” That is precisely how our subconscious egos screw with us. It is why Carl Jung said:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung. Source: GoodReads

However, for the sake of today’s article, dear reader, we will confine the remainder of this discussion to chi. Simply keep in mind that trapping consciousness is the faculty egos use to get us to “give into” their demands. The more we identify lust’s desires as “my desires,” and the more we identify with the suffering those egos create and then promise to alleviate as “my suffering,” the less likely we will recognize that we are infected by ransomware at all. We will think nothing of our lust, gluttony, pride, greed, fear, et al. We will, like the contemporary secularists, chalk it all up as “human nature”—perfectly natural, acceptable, etc.


Indeed, forgive us for the roundabout way we are arriving at the crux of the issue. We must return to our original question, “QI PASA, MI AMOUR?” and answer the question “who’s screwing who?”

By now it should be clear to you, dear reader, that we are all “getting screwed,” and by our own egos at that. Egos fornicate with us by hypnotizing our consciousness making us identify with their demands and the suffering they cause us/promise to alleviate. We should recognize by now that egos—lust, gluttony, fear, pride, anger et al—are the “chi-eaters” since that is what they are after: our sexual energy. And insofar as we are complicit in our egos’ demands, identifying with the suffering / pleasure they create for us, we all are, in our false selves, chi-eaters.

Now, this is all bad enough when we consider ourselves as individuals living in a vacuum. But no man is an island, and all this takes a decidedly more intense turn for the surreal when we consider our interrelationships with others, particularly our spouse. Again, we say “spouse” here and not just “lover” because the two are synonymous in the eyes of the universe, as already discussed.

Egos subject us to their whims and steal our energy—often but not always with our conscious consent. That said, our behaviour is ours and so the responsibility is ours. Whether we like it or not, we all willingly allow them to fornicate with us. Now, when that happens, the energy we expel in the process is likewise subjected to the vibrational frequency of the particular ego which caused its expulsion. We have all experienced this before in the form of vibes—good vibes or bad vibes—which someone is giving off at any particular moment depending on their emotional, mental, and physical/energetic state.

But here’s the kicker: we’ve also experienced this phenomenon, time and again, when we are arguing with our spouse. Remember that the Law of Attraction dictates first and foremost that like attracts like—we attract what we are. We are attracted to our spouse because we have much in common with them. There is a lot of chemistry. And while it is true that energetically we may be vibrating at the same frequency (the sexual energy sure does want to flow!) it is more than likely that we share many like egos. And even if we don’t, the fact that we are so in-tune sexually (our sexual force vibrates so in sync with each others’), our differences manage to “trigger” us in intense, powerful, and sometimes surprising ways.

What’s up? It’s this simple:

Meme: “The Hidden Truth About Relationships” by Attlas In Formation.

Have you ever had (or at least heard about having) “make-up sex?” The concept is straightforward: you have a terrible rip-roaring shouting match of a fight. And then moments later (or anywhere up to an hour or so later) you have an incredible rip-roaring romp in the sack with your spouse to “make up.”

Does no one see what exactly is going on? Are we that blind? The egos of anger, frustration, resentment, etc. have gotten their way and gotten us all aroused, energetically…they are like the “foreplay” for lust to then come and finish the job (draining us of whatever remaining sexually energy we have, at least for the time being).

Anger and resentment, do they not “build up” inside of us in a similar way as sexual arousal? Is it not true that as these egos create that suffering inside us that they also offer us a way out? A release of that energy? Do we not seek satisfaction by getting in a dig, getting the last word, making our point heard, saying a real “zinger,” or any number of other attacks, insults, stabs, etc.?

Egos screw with us. And as a direct result, we help others get screwed. Our egos, empowered by the energy they feed on as we release the tensions they created for us, trigger egos in others, those egos feed, release energy subjected to their vibrational signature, and then trigger like egos in us, and the downward spiral goes on from there. The more in-sync we are energetically (and who is more energetically in-sync than sexually active lovers?) the more egos will want to take advantage of that synchronicity by arousing, heightening, releasing and feeding on our sexual energy. Just as sure as our lust wants us to arouse, heighten, build-up, and release the sexual energy with our spouse through fornication, so too does our anger, envy, pride, dominance, fear, anxiety, and any number of other egos related to relationships and partners want to fornicate with us.

That’s “what’s up,” how we are ALL chi-eaters, why we are all getting screwed and how we are all screwing around with each other.

And it is really a shame, because the result is we are losing precious chi left, right and centre.


When we’ve share this with people on Facebook and elsewhere, their answer is “so what? What’s wrong with screwing and getting screwed, sexually speaking?” In other words, the vast majority of people on this planet—including New Agers and so-called “spiritual people” see absolutely no problem whatsoever with fornication (orgasm) as much as they want, with whomever they want, how many times they want, and therefore do not even bat an eyelid at desires, egos, satiating those desires, pleasures, et al. So for them, and all humanity, in Joseph Campbell-esque fashion, we must complete this little Hero’s Journey, return to where we began, and hopefully see the place anew for the first time…

Sex is, was, and will forever be sacred, factually and objectively, no matter what society, the porn industry and/or “sex gurus” like Sue Johanson want you to believe.

Meme: “Sex is Sacred” by Attlas In Formation.


Dearest reader, let us comprehend the esoteric value of the word before we jump to conclusions…

S is the mantra of Kundalini. The hissing sound of the serpent, sssssssssss, which can be vocalized during copulation with one’s spouse to raise the fiery serpent up the spinal column

E is the Hebrew letter Shin turned on its side (if one has sex in the missionary position, then the spinal columns are horizontal, the crown of Shin is on its side) Shin represents the fire, of course, and the Trinity of Kether, Chokmah, Binah; Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Brahman, Vishnu, Shiva; et al. Second, as pronounced in the word sex, the E is short “eh” sound, the mantra of the THROAT chakra, which is a profoundly sexual centre of the body. Last but not least, E alone is pronounced “Eeeeeeeeee” which is the mantra “I”, the mantra of the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra. Observe we have the S, root chakra, Chakra of Divine Mother Devi Kundalini Shakti, and the E(I) , crown chakra, chakra of HER HUSBAND, The Holy Spirit. And this leads us to

X, the cross, the union of masculine and feminine, the symbol of the Chrestos, who is born when the fire of Divine Mother Devi Kundalini Shakti makes her journey up the spinal column and unites with her husband the fire of the Holy Spirit. The Cosmic Christ, the fire of the fire and the Divine Androgen, is born of their divine union.

Last but not least, there are three letters in sex. The Law of Three is the creative Law of the Universe, as already discussed.

Fornication with anyone, including our spouse, is never spiritual. It can be powerful—and many a Black Magician and “manifestor of desires” knows that—but it cannot be spiritual. One cannot expel the sexual force—the substance of Divine Mother Devi Kundalini Shakti—in an act of lust (or any conditioned emotional state we erroneously label “love”) and expect it to create unconditional love. Now, the mind will want to rationalize, come up with all sorts of reasons, excuses, arguments and so-called ‘evidence’ in order that we remain identified with the pleasure of orgasm. But the facts are the facts. Making love is literally that: the act of making love by transmuting the sexual force from its mechanical, lunar, lustful state to a state of conscious solar purity—unconditional Love. This is what Alchemy is about: transmuting the lead of ego (desire, and lust is the root of all desire) into the gold of the human soul (selfless love).

Proponents, practitioners and advocates of conventional orgasmic sex and/or any version of tantra which promotes orgasm take note: selfless love—SELFLESS. By selfless we refer to the false-self of ego-mind and its desire. We like to think we know what love is, and that we are in loving relationships. But are we really? Can the ego actually be in love? It certainly convinces us that it is possible. But since the ego is defined by “I,” the self, is it possible of selfless love? Since the ego is 100% subjective, and that means subjecting as well as being subjected to—conditioning and conditioned—is the ego capable of unconditional love? Fornication is first and foremost self-satisfying and self-gratifying. Regardless of how much we feel “in love” with the person we are fornicating with, to indulge in orgasm with that person is to act contrary to the principles of selfless love. There is precious very little selfless and unconditional about the orgasm.

We can hear the shouts of protest and cries of outrage already: “How dare you say I am a selfish lover! Orgasm can be selfless! I am a very GENEROUS and GIVING lover! It’s all about how you ARRIVE at climax! Or in [Black] Tantra, how INTENSE the climax you can cultivate with your partner. I always make sure my partner has an orgasm! I even go above and beyond what my partner may want or expect to blow his/her mind! How is that not selfless!?”

Anyone interested in giving their partner an orgasm receives a good deal of self-satisfaction from doing so. In addition, the giving lover often hopes their efforts and generosity will be reciprocated in kind. But even without that stipulation, it is beyond question that shackling sexuality to the orgasm turns lovemaking into fornicating, and all that goes along with the former is subject to the consequences of the latter. When we assume we cannot have one without the other, or that somehow sex is diminished if it doesn’t end in climax, the very meaning and purpose of lovemaking is lost. Sex takes on a distinctly physical flavour: intense physical and mental stimulation leading to a finite physical resolution. Most crucially, the precious sexual energy is LOST, it is expelled (in both men and women), and the polarity of the sexual force is INVERTED within us. Rather than moving upward through our spinal column as Divine Mother Devi Kundalini Shakti, the sexual force moves down into the kundabuffer organ, symbolized for millenia as “Satan’s Tail.” While we cannot do justice to the entirety of this topic in this article, there is a video linked on our YouTube Channel which goes into much greater depth:

“Sex, the Secret Gate to Eden, HD” by Glorian Publishing (Formerly Thelema Press)

Again, we can hear the shouts of protest and outrage. One should note the vehemence with which the ego-mind reacts to the notion of “having the orgasm taken away” from it. And we do reiterate: we are NOT advocating abstinence from sex. We are discussing scientific chastity. That is, the path of the razor’s edge: sex without orgasm—White Tantra; Sexual Alchemy; the Middle Path; the Great Arkanum and the Holy Grail—literally making love. We must comprehend why it is that we feel so motivated by the event itself—the climax—be it for ourselves or our partner. And why, as we have pointed out (and what you personally may have be experiencing in your own mind while reading this article and/or watching the above video) we feel so outraged at the idea of no longer having orgasms.

Simply put, fornication (sex with orgasm) is literally the ego of lust screwing with us.

(And if that is not colourful or vivid enough language for you, you know what expletive to substitute for screwing to make it hit home for you.)

If you simply cannot (or don’t want to) fathom having sex without climaxing, it is only because the ego of lust has a stranglehold of your ego-mind and it won’t let you. And remember, that the release of sexual energy cannot feed YOU, your TRUE SELF. The expulsion of chi can ONLY feed the parasites, your egos, which oppose and tempt and corrupt and block your TRUE SELF in favour of itself…the false self. And the more one indulges the mother of all egos, lust, the less they will be able to develop the willpower necessary to get the legion of other psychological ransomware under control and removed from their system.

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