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Hate and Humanity

Much has been said on the topic of hate, and we could spend years recounting all the many ways that hate has been described, explained, dismissed and even justified. But we are not here to contribute another theory to be thrown onto the mountain of intellectualizations and rationalizations which already exist. We are here to offer an expression of the facts.

The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia are but the latest in a string of violence which will only intensify due to the fact that this humanity is utterly ignorant of the cause hate. Without acknowledging the source of hate, hate cannot be eradicated in the world. Unless we deeply comprehend the nature of hate and how it takes root inside us, we cannot begin to know how to help those suffering from hate, and those suffering at the hands of hate.

In a word, hate is attachment. Identification with some worldly aspect of ourselves is the source of hate. We cannot, however, fully appreciate the significance of such identification unless we also contemplate that every attachment posits a requisite detachment. In archaic mythical terms, a man cannot serve two masters. One cannot be attached to the false notion of self and simultaneously be attached to their True Self. Herein lies the crux of all hate, and why there is no secular solution to the problem of hate—nor can there be.

Hate is born of the separation of self from Self. Plain and simple. Unless one is capable of consciously self-identifying as spirit, with their physical form and personality merely a vessel and vehicle for their Innermost Being, one is vulnerable to the hypnotic rationalizations of ego-mind. If one is ignorant of their true nature, it is a matter of course that they will be convinced of their false nature. They become identified, attached to their physical body, personality, birth family, nationality, religion, home sports team, etc.

So, the white man, self-identified as white, cannot have any attachment to the black man. The ego-mind will not permit it. One cannot be a conservative and a liberal. Such labels exist precisely to feed on the inherent dialectic nature of thought. The nature of ego-mind is to divide and conquer the Self by hypnotising the consciousness.

The clever intellectual mind will read all this with their mind and say, “A-ha! But look at all the wars in the name of religion! How can you say there is no secular answer if religion has been the source of so much hate!?” We are saying precisely that, because religion is just a signpost. To become identified and attached to a signpost is ludicrous. People hate each other because they are identified with their particular map to the kingdom of heaven, not realizing that all maps lead to the kingdom. And more crucially, are not embarking on the journey to the kingdom themselves. They are too busy identified with the map; believing that if only they believe in the map, study it, defend it against the “heresy” of other maps.

There is only one cure for hate. That cure is within each and every one of us, but it is a cure we must seek for ourselves. No one can seek it for us and no one can convince us of it. The cure for hate cannot be administered from the outside. It cannot be legislated away. It cannot be “politically corrected.” No one can be shamed, guilted, coerced, or cajoled out of hate. And, it is impossible to “educate” hate out of anyone.

Only through the knowledge of LOVE can hate be defeated. And that knowledge is must be experiential…gnosis. It is not enough to believe, intellectually, that we are all one. We must connect with the Source of Love within us. That Atom Nous within (the Atom We) which is one with others and all things. Only by experiencing that, knowing that comprehensively and integrally that the hate monger will comprehend we are all brothers and sisters, and these labels we identify with and attach ourselves to are the means by which our egos hypnotize us.

The separation from others and identification of them as “other” is born of the separation from the Self (the separation from God). While “religion” as it is understood by most only seems to add fuel to the fires of hate, we must recognize there is no secular solution to that state of consciousness.

LOVE must be KNOWN experientially, FELT deeply, APPLIED holistically. Love comes from deep within our True Self.

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