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False self versus True Self


There seems to be some confusion as to the nature and differences between the False self and the TRUE Self. Many are under the erroneous impression that this humanity actually consists of Real Human Beings. This is not so. In an effort to clarify the facts, we have created the above VISUAL AID (infographic, meme, whatever you want to call it). The above VISUAL AID really does sum up the situation.

Meme Text:

A plurality of egos created by indulging desire in our 3 brains (mind, heart, body) subject us to their whims, illusions & delusions: thoughts, beliefs, cravings & aversions of the monkey mind we identify with & cling to as “me, myself & I.”
Egos fornicate with us. Inflated with stolen sexual energy, they ascend to a position of power (ego-mind) where they hypnotize our consciousness, cause our suffering, result in our ignorance & tempt us to keep fornicating with them in all 3 brains. Thus, THE CYCLE OF SUFFERING REPEATS.
Free consciousness (freed from ego) expands & gives us access to objective experiential knowledge, intuition & insight (gnosis) of our True Self: Innermost Being, The Essence in the “Atom Nous” of the heart. Our True Self reveals our path.
When the sexual fire of Divine Mother Devi Kundalini Shakti  is retained & raised via Sexual Alchemy (White Tantra), the lead of ego is transmuted into the gold of the human soul: comprehended egos are eliminated; consciousness is liberated. Thus, THE PROCESS OF AWAKENING REPEATS.

The Work

  1. Self-Observation & Self-Remembering

  2. Meditation & Comprehension of Egos

  3. Transmutation of Sexual Force & Elimination of Egos

One becomes a TRUE HUMAN BEING through a long and difficult process of liberation of the consciousness imprisoned within a legion of egos, & the creation of the human soul: a process of PSYCHOLOGICAL DEATH, AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNESS & SELF-REALIZATION.

Explanation of Symbols

We hope that the visuals and symbols employed in the meme combined with the text are fairly clear. In case they are unclear—or altogether unfamiliar to you—a blog article offers an opportunity to offer further explanation.

Lots of Little Balloons vs. One Big Balloon

The idea here is that a bunch of balloons do contain a great deal of hot air, but they also contain a great deal of rubber. They are individually bound, different colours, and in a way compete for our attention and jockey for position at the top of the heap (they also make a dreadful noise as they do this).

Compare a bunch of synthetic balloons with a single hot air balloon. It is so much more efficient, larger, and able to expand to greater volume and rise to higher heights precisely because it is a single unified volume of hot air, as opposed to a bunch of competing little balloons.

Imagine we all have a hot air balloon that is currently FILLED with little balloons! The hot air balloon (our consciousness) cannot expand to greater sizes and rise to greater heights precisely because the air is trapped in individually compartmentalized and competing little balloons (egos).

If we pop those little balloons, we can free the air and fill the hot air balloon with the formerly trapped consciousness, now free consciousness.

What does all this Feel Like?

There is an unavoidable melancholia which goes with “The Work”. The reason is because psychological death is NOT PLEASANT to the part of us which is DYING! But to the Being, feeling “dead inside” can be a sure sign that we are on the right track! Comprehend that a mind that has been “floating” mostly because it has been filled with hundreds of colourful balloons is going to feel a little dead and lost when those balloons start popping, and a bunch of rubber debris starts filling up their head. But also being released is CONSCIOUSNESS, free from their compartmentalized prisons of individual egos. As the condensed and “coagulated” consciousness dissolves into the one big balloon of expanding consciousness and we become more aware of the Being in the basket directing that big balloon, the melancholy and dead inside feeling gives way to an expanding heart and Self-knowledge.

The Monkey and the Wizard

If the monkey would only let go of his attachment to the balloons, far from falling into an abyss due to loss of self, he will land in the basket together with his Innermost Being. From here, it can observe its egos without being attached to them; observe thoughts, emotions, and sensations without identifying with them. Rather, he is aligned with his Innermost in the “Atom Nous” (“We Atom; Us Atom”) of the Heart. In other words, he is in the service of his Innermost Wizard.

In the story of Hanuman we see represented a great hero who is completely devoted to his lord, to his master, to his guru: Rama.

“He had Bhakti, Sakti, Vidya and Seva-Bhava, Brahmacharya and Nishkamya-Bhava. He never boasted of His bravery and intelligence. He said to Ravana, “I am a humble messenger of Sri Rama. I have come here to serve Rama, to do His work. By the command of Lord Rama, I have come here. I am fearless, by the grace of Lord Rama. I am not afraid of death. I welcome it, if it comes while I am serving Lord Rama.” Mark here how humble Hanuman was! How devoted He was to Lord Rama! He never said, “I am brave Hanuman. I can do anything and everything.” – Swami Sivananda Source:

So How Do we Know when it’s our False self or our True Self at work?

Our True Self longs to be one with us. The ego wants to be our god…a false god…our false self. The ego cannot ascend, but it CAN AWAKEN. That is, we can awaken NEGATIVELY. That is why we must remain RELAXED, patient, compassionate, observe ourselves, and simply BE…lest the ego’s curiosity, desire for powers, mystic pride, etc. Motivate us to TRY too hard and DO too much, too often, too fervently.

What we need to do is SURRENDER, intensely, to our Being. To the moment. To the circumstances of our lives. To the objective and calm experience of suffering. We need to be. Simply be. We are a vessel; a vehicle for our Being. We can never be one with our Being if we desire knowledge, desire powers, desire holiness, desire followers, desire accolades, etc.

Learn to discern the DIFFERENCE between the LONGING of the BEING (True Self) versus the DESIRES of the EGO (False self).

Think of it this way: the Being takes the LONG VIEW. A longing is a kind of hope/knowledge of destiny. But it is patient. It knows Rome wasn’t built in a day and that the road of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and is travelled step by step, one step at a time. There are no shortcuts, silver bullets, magic pills, express lanes, etc.

The ego does not take the long view. Think Queen’s rock song: “I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it NOW!” Or Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who “wants an Oompa Loompa NOW, Daddy!”

Desires are NOT RELAXED. They FEEL an URGENCY…make us feel like we are not progressing fast enough, and feel ashamed inadequate because of it (mystic pride expressed as shame). Or making us feel like we are more advanced than is the case, making us feel superior and invincible (mystic pride expressed as vanity, possibly self-righteousness, megalomaniacal, etc).

Look, it is URGENT for us to DO THE WORK, but the Being knows that there shouldn’t be this crazed URGENCY to awakening/enlightenment, because you can’t rush what is a long, steady, slow process. Transmutation, like Fermentation, takes time. It takes time to go from ACORN to full-fledged oak tree. And guess what? The ego, the shell of the ACORN, does not become the tree. Ever.

The Gas Can, Gas Pump, Divine Mother

These symbols should be self-evident. In truth it would take an entire blog to truly begin doing justice explaining in-depth our Divine Mother Devi Kundalini Shakti and her relationship with UPRIGHT SEXUALITY (Suprasexuality, Alchemy, White Tantra). That is why we will offer a direct link to the excellent documentary Sex: The Secret Gate to Eden where these symbols and their significance are very well described and their implications made clear.

Flames rising from Root through Heart to Crown


The Sanskrit word “yug” is the root word of Yoga and means “union.” It has exactly the same meaning as the Latin “religare” which is the root word of religion. Union with what? With divinity. Now, some intellectuals will argue that these words (religare in particular) mean “to bind” and point out that religion has been used as a tool of enslavement of humanity, as in “to bind the hearts and minds of men.” But this is clever speculation on the part of ego minds.

When the apostles received the Holy Spirit (which descended in the form of a White Dove for Jesus of Nazareth), they received it as tongues of fire atop their heads. This is a very significant symbol. It symbolizes the Fire of Kundalini being raised through the spinal column to the crown chakra. The Divine Mother in Kabbalah is associated with Binah. But Binah is also the Holy Spirit (since Kether-Chokmah-Binah relates to Father, Son & Holy Spirit). So here we have TWO “fires”…the fires of Kundalini, rising, and the Fire of the Holy Spirit, descending. So what’s going on?

Exactly that: yoga; religion…yug, religare…UNION. The Holy Spirit is Masculine. The Divine Mother is Feminine. By raising the Divine Mother Kundalini to the Crown Chakra, she UNITES, intimately, with her Husband the Holy Spirit who resides there. Once united they form THE DIVINE ANDROGEN—The Cosmic Christ (which is not a person but a force in the universe which we can embody). In other words, their intimate union and “immaculate conception” leads to the CHRIST “being born” within us. And in Kabbalah the Christ is Chokmah, the second sephiroth.

In our image, above, we show an expanding consciousness, in the form of a balloon which expands outward to the whole galaxy (universe). Of course, this expansion is actually INWARD, not outward (since the universe resides within us), but you can appreciate the limitations of a 2D drawing and the nature of symbols and allegories to work within the certain limits for simplicity’s sake.

We also show a GOLDEN ida and pingala (the masculine and feminine energetic channels) suggesting that the union of the Fires of Kundalini and the Fires of the Holy Spirit also forge, alchemically, the SOLAR BODIES. The philosophical stone of UPRIGHT SEXUALITY transmutes the “lead” of lust (shown as a black oil drum) into the “gold” of love and our solar bodies. (We show the spilled sexual force as a golden liquid to precisely indicate how precious it is…but the ego of lust hides it in a black drum of desire and pretends like wasting the sexual energy through orgasm is okay).

The Third Eye

We used the Eye of Horace to depict the Third Eye because it clearly is a symbol of both the Christ and the Pineal Gland, which—in conjunction with the pituitary gland—is the one gland in the body associated with the Being.

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