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Christmas Message 2016

Here and Now

At this time of year it is, of course, customary to celebrate the birth of Jesus and various Christmas traditions which stem in one form or another from that event. Many intellectual naysayers will tell you that most of our Christmas traditions come from various pagan rituals and have nothing to do with the birth of Christ. Understanding that Christ is NOT a person, Christ is a FORCE in the universe which we can embody and incarnate through our own conscious efforts as an upright human being, we can begin to appreciate how the secular intellectuals and New Agers alike ignore the facts.

The illuminated Christmas tree represents the illuminated Tree of Life, from the star atop the tree to the ornaments, lights, garland, right down to the presents at its base.

Even jolly old Santa Claus is not the secular symbol that most people would believe nowadays. He is, without a doubt a bastardized representation of a timeless esoteric principle, one which Samael Aun Weor revealed in his teachings about the Gnostic Nativity of the Christ.

This is a symbol, of course, and very ancient, but unfortunately, was taken by corporations in order to make business. Yet, that symbol is very ancient. Santa Claus exists, as Christ exists. But Santa Claus is not a person, not a long bearded old man, as many think.Santa Claus represents an energy that comes every year through the North Pole, which is the Solar Light.The Aztecs celebrated this event in ancient times; they always used three colors in order to invoke that energy. However they did not call it Santa Claus, they called it Quetzalcoatl, or Ometecuhtli, and other different names, according to their relation to the forces of nature. In order to invoke those forces of the north, during special rituals they burned powder made from corals or seashells mainly with the colors red, white, and black, which are the main colors that appear in the vesture of Santa Claus.Red, white, and black represent the different activities of that solar energy when it enters through the North Pole. The red is the living energy of the sun. The white is the purity, the intelligence, or that solar force. The black symbolizes when that energy enters into the hydrogen, into the carbon, into any element of the earth; it becomes black, meaning that is enclosed, like in the charcoal. But when you light a charcoal, then that Solar Light is liberated, and you call it fire. So that fire, that Solar Light, is within the air, within the water, within the earth, within all the elements. This is what we call Christ. The main source is the North Pole, through which it descends into this “matter,” which is a Latin word for mother… mother earth. – Samael Aun Weor, Gnostic Nativity of the Christ

So this day, here and now, let us begin to appreciate the authentic ESOTERIC meaning of the symbols surrounding us during the holidays. Let us allow them to penetrate our psyche to help awaken our consciousness. Let us not allow the materialism, gluttony, and family drama typically experienced by so many of us during this time of year to overwhelm us and force the authentic meaning of the symbols into the shadows. Let us also reflect on the symbols around the nativity itself: that the Christic Principle is born among the animal egos of our manger (our worldly, earthly being) from an immaculate conception (sexual alchemy; White Tantra). So much more is explained in the lecture referenced above, the Gnostic Nativity of the Christ.

Looking Back

Without a doubt 2016 was a challenging year for many of us. In the coming days leading into the New Year, it is advisable to reflect on the many challenges you may have faced this past year and contemplate on the lessons learned. If you have yet to do so, this may be a good time to go deeper into some of the major events or incidents via retrospection meditation. Through retrospection meditation, we have the opportunity to comprehend the underlying causes of our suffering. The following video includes a full recording of the lecture describing retrospection meditation.

We embark on this work of comprehending the events in our lives so that we may become fully conscious of the causes of our suffering which, despite what our ego-mind would have us believe, are NOT the events, situations, and circumstances of life but rather our reactions to those circumstances. And our reactions are precisely our own…they come from within us…and their causes are within us. We perform the work of retrospections meditation to comprehend these causes—egos—and how they cause suffering for us and for others. We also perform retrospection meditations to receive valuabl guidance from our Innermost being on how better to handle such sitations in the future. In a brief flash of insight, we can know what we should have said, should have done, how we should have responded to the circumstances we were facing instead of reacting automatically and mechanically from a place of ego. In other words, although we were not being in the moment at the time (we were in our egos and reacted from that place), in retrospection meditation we can connect with our Being and receive in hindsight that instruction which he was attempting t send to us in the moment.

Let us not miss the opportunity to learn from the tests, trials, and challenges of this past year, dearest brothers and sisters. If we have walked through the valley of the shadow of death in 2016, let us awaken to the reason WHY, and to the lessons we were meant to learn in the process of such stroll through a kind of hell on earth.

Looking Forward

Finally, dearest brothers and sisters, allow us to extend to all of you our deepest, sincerest of wishes for a promising New Year. 2017 will be an opportunity to take advantage of the lessons learned this past year, and discover new ways to allow the old “you” to die, and create space within yourself for your Self to continue His process of emergence as you continue along your own personal path of awakening and Self-Realization.

From the bottom of our hearts, you are in our prayers; we bestow upon you blessings from the most high. May Almighty God Bless Ye and Keep Ye in the coming New Year; may Your Holy Blessed Divine Mother bestow upon Ye all the Blessings and Boons Ye need to further the unbecoming of your false self and facilitate the Coming of the Lord Your Master (and His Lord and Master, the Light of the World), in the Name of Christ, for the Glory of Christ and by the Majesty of Christ. So be it. So be it. So be it.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year One and All!

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