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AUM has a New Home

Gno*U goes live; SEEK AUM & SEEK Your Self at

After a good deal of time and effort, The Analogous Ultimate Methodology finally has a commercial hub to call home. Gno*U ~ SEEK Your Self was announced back in January as part of The Attlas Project. After several months dealing with the terminal illness and passing of a beloved family member, our attention once again turned to Gno*U and YouMethod.

As we described back in January, Gno*U’s purpose is to provide a commercial vehicle with which to position AUM as a secular scientific explanation for all things—Self Evident Experiential Knowledge of the Analogous Ultimate Methodology. AUM represents an irrefutable, internally consistent, universal and ubiquitous meta-phenomena which underlies all other phenomena. It is, in effect, the methodologies of methodologies, and describes the relationship between the formless and the universe of form.

In the context of “why should anyone care?,” Gno*U serves as an educational and consulting vehicle through which AUM as a contemporary secular notion can gain a foothold in the hyper-materialist, hyper-intellectual world of today. AUM is not here to make the same old arguments or appeal to the same old centers of the humanoid machines which believe themselves to be genuine human beings. Rather, AUM appeals precisely to their logical, intellectual, mathematical minds. And, of course, through the explicit use of the term SEEK, we appeal to their own direct personal experience and the irrefutable evidence-based truths they know to be facts; that is, gnosis.

For anyone worried that Attlas is in the process of “selling out” or vying to become another in a long line of self-styled gurus seeking to create a monetary empire on the backs of followers and devotees, we must reiterate the sentiments we share on the “About” Page of the Gno*U website:

Like a master potter, AUM works with the clay thrown on the wheel. The potter doesn’t ask for a different lump of clay; rather, they set to the task of shaping and forming—via countless revolutions of AUM—as perfect a vessel as possible from the imperfect mass of clay spinning on the wheel. – Attlas Allux,

The world is what it is. As spiritual warriors, we must fight with both severity and mercy—that is, love. Though we be surrounded by the thick black smoke of a world in flames, we cannot afford to allow ourselves to choke on it. We must stay true to the essence of our teachings—life in every breath—”the Way of the Warrior…that is Bushido.” – The Last Samurai

To give this humanity the means to know life in every breath, even amidst the smoke and flames of a world on fire, is our purpose—speaking on behalf of Attlas Allux—and AUM is our method. Something we knew intuitively over a decade ago when we published The Attlas Project Volume One: SEE the World in a New Light, was the wisdom of Judo. How can we possibly oppose “the big machine” with all its power, weight and momentum? Instead, why not use its relentless forward momentum to our advantage? Align ourselves with that momentum and apply a small shift in the direction of that momentum to achieve our goals.

What’s more, let us always present that shift as a win-win-win scenario. Let us always look to others and determine how and why they are suffering. Let us ask them if they are willing to accept guidance on what small shift they can make today which, if they follow-through, will result in the monumental change required to relieve them of their suffering.

Attlas Allux has no enemies in our work. The potter makes not enemies with the clay, no matter how imperfect it is. And our touch must be as soft and delicate, as our resolve is hard and intense. Gno*U gives the means to approach businesses, schools, associations, governments, communities—anyone anywhere—with the simple undeniable and universal value propositions embedded within and embodied by AUM. In this way, Gno*U is an absolute requirement, a necessity, and an important first step in realizing the goals of The Attlas Project.

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