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9-9-9 What’s the Significance?

9-9-9 is a very magical number. And yes, you will read all kinds of stuff today about cosmic portals, the relationship between 9 and the Fibonacci sequence, and so much more New Age speculation. Here’s the low-down of the transformational esoteric significance of 9-9-9.


The above VISUAL AID should be pretty straightforward. A point of clarification, Sexual Energy is clearly related to LUST…DESIRE. Lust is the Whore of Babylon and the Harlot Mother of all other egos.

  1. Lust for material possessions

  2. Lust for fame

  3. Lust for food

  4. Lust for comfort and security

  5. Lust for fornication (obviously)

Cravings and aversions (desires) in each of the three brains of the human machine can be attributed to our egos wanting to abuse our sexual force in each centre. How does one abuse the sexual force in the mental centre? Overthinking, of course. Or in the heart centre: being over-emotional and allowing emotions to run away with us. We are clearly most familiar with abusing the sexual force physically, although in this day and age fornication is not only welcomed it is encouraged, promoted, and taught to children of an every younger age.

To be in control of one’s desires (to be able to observe them but not give into them) is to be an upright 9, since the ninth sphere on the Tree of Life, Yesod, is the Vital Body of Chi/Prana…the Sexual Energy.  To be an upright 9 in each of the three brains is to be a 9-9-9. And that is indeed a formula for the transformational process as we slowly make our way up the Tree of Life (the return trip of our cosmic Hero’s Journey of countless lifetimes).

To give into desire, is to be the opposite of an upright 9. To be an inverted 9 in each of our 3 brains is to be a 6-6-6.

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