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9-11 Fifteen Years Later (Video)


On the Fifteenth Anniversary of 9/11, Attlas offers a brief (and by no means complete) unveiling of the esoteric significance of the events on that day, its ongoing effects on our psyche, and how/why today/this year is so important. 2016 is our chance to take stock of ourselves and work to move past whatever difficulties, tests, traumas, or other challenges which were set in motion on or shortly after 9/11, that infamous date in our history when SOMETHING was triggered deep within our psyche. It’s time for us to get over the tragedy/conspiracy “out there” and take advantage of “rock bottom” in relation to whatever subconscious trap 9/11 triggered, and rise up from the pit of our despair (whatever that may mean for you in your life). There has never been a better time to start rebuilding the Twin Towers within ourselves.

This is also the official launch date of our Patreon Campaign. Check it out now, VISIT OUR PATREON PAGE.

So why is Attlas on Patreon? We do what we can with what we have to help you further along your path, whatever your chosen path may be. But not everyone wants to hear the Truth. The establishment wants ‘sheeple,’ not SEEKers. Financing Attlas’s videos, blogs, multimedia productions, and commercial projects just isn’t on their radar (yet). Help us get there! The more support we get from the community, the more time and effort we can spend on creating SEE-Value. The more we do, the more like-minded artists and SEEKers we’ll reach; the more support we’ll attract; the bigger and more impactful SEE-Value projects we’ll be able to do. And there’s lots of work to do.

Consider supporting Us. Thanks and Blessing.

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